Clarification Regarding Regen and ESS

Or you know… they secretly give us access to a developer mode where we can enable it. And since its the owner modifying the scooter, it’ll be our responsibility :wink:

For example anyone can buy an ICE scooter and pull out the silencer to make it noisy. Just because the OEM gave screws that can be unscrewed, doing that shouldn’t hold OEM accountable :wink:

And I don’t think the cops or ARAI are going to stop an Ather and check for ESS :smiley:


Bruhhhh yesss pls I just need that advance regen… Which was promised to us btw Still I’ll pay no issues


I pitched this last time R&D team were taking questions on forum,if people are ready to take risk of so called incomplete brake switch design why waste the work done on cruise control or other features just give as labs/beta feature only who opt in for it but got no reply on it

also yah the ESS regulation excuse is just bogus as well as harder regen as it wont affect others on road any different than just someone braking/slowing down


I will refund my y charger refund to have a dashboard like this. :sob:


Hi everyone. Got a taste of coasting regen today. Actually it might be due to wet brakes as pointed out by an user. @dewangpatil111 also experienced the same before.

So basically as soon as i stopped acceleration my Ather was slowing down and regen effect was showing on screen.

And i think that’s the best update anyone can get on Ather. I was driving in gurugram city and i didnt felt a need to use brakes. It used to slow down enough on its own by the time mind decides breaks have to be pressed.

Sharing my stats below. Got superb stats. I just wish i get coasting regen. No need to raise range by 5 kms etc.


Ayy that’s me!

Anyways, when I experienced it, it was weaker than force Regen. So it felt weird and needed getting used to. Also basically useless compared to forced regen where I live in a hilly area.

Toggle Regen would be really great to have alongside coasting Regen as an option for us Gen3+ peeps. But Ather doesn’t believe in having software options clearly ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

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Mine was just like force regen. Actually it was even better coz it was working everytime i stopped accelerating. Forced then doesn’t work most of the times

Ok now this makes me wonder… ur saying you got coasting regen because of wet brakes? So basically your brake was constantly engaged makes me wonder… and I wouldn’t do this because this does seem dangerous… but just for the thought experiment. One could hypothetically put a thick rubber band over the break pedal in a way where the break is just like 1-5% engaged… this would enable regen while not actually engaging friction breaking… similar to your “coasting regen”… just a thought experiment though.

It was only the brake pressure sensor that would be engaged in his case, so except for brake lights glowing 24/7 it won’t be dangerous

I can confirm the stats,my average efficiency was always below 30wh/km when coast regen was working which used to be 33+ as am always on warp with pillion

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ESS is coming.


Niceeeee hope other features slide in tooo

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You guys are welcome :wink:


How did y’all get coasting regen?

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kid pressure washed my scooter from the side of handlebar :sob:

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Mine was activated just coz of tiny little rain

Someone needs to figure out exactly where to put water to enable this… and then enable it on everyone’s scooty for a small fee… win win and should be a great business


Let the hunt begin :joy: I’ll put mineral oil for long lasting effects


Did anyone receive ESS to their Ather? They said it finds backward compatible till Gen 2.

I believe I still didn’t receive it. Mine is Gen 3.1. How to know if I already received it? But it has been many days since I received an update.

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