Toggle Coasting Regen while Riding

As 450x Gen4 has coasting regen which is at times unpredictable , I feel there should be an option to toggle the coasting regen while riding just like mode switch, In city scenarios there are at times empty stretches where you want the scooter to be coasting and not reducing speed with regen with this i assume we can extract more range regen when needed and coast whenever you can… I understand that there is braking regen trigger as well, However holding brakes and keep regen triggered isnt intuituve i vote for a regen on and off option via any of the switches center press for joystick could be a good option while in ride screen. @tarun


They already know you need this feature. But if they provide you everything at launch then they will have no features to market for newer model so wait 6months


This is just an incremental update for an existing feature but yeah with Ather its a distant dream…

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They had Twist to Regen for 3 & 3.1 users when users were crying for Coasting Regen.

Now 3.2 Users get Coasting Regen but you may have to wait till Gen 4 to get a Regen turn off switch.

I seriously dont understand why Ather doesnt add toggles in settings when they introduce new features even for switching between optimised charging 1 and 2 as many user still prefer 1.


I think they are collecting data from this, then they will release in a event

Coasting Regen (Term by Ather) is same as Active Regen that was present from day 1 in OLA S1 Pro and people suffered till Move OS 4.0 Beta launched recently where they added option to toggle between No Active Regen , Low and High .

This was a feature people where waiting from a long time OLA , by having active Regen ON scooter speed drops immediately when u leave the throttle and instead of more range I don’t know how much it charges the battery,

On OLA S1 Pro after the toggle feature came out maximum people are using the scooter with Active Regen off and that is giving more range , no matter how harsh u drive u will get 120kms per charge (except top speed mode where it goes 115kmph)

In Ather when they announced Gen 4 HR and LR and told they will get Coasting Regen and older generations it’s not possible to give this feature , here in forums Gen 3.1 owners freaked out and I was like why u want that range decreasing feature until or unless u stay in above hills where u descend daily and climb daily ,

Ather instead could have focussed more on Braking Regen and forced Regen.

I still believe Coasting Regen or Active Regen whatever you call it , it’s just a gimmick and I am saying this coz i have Ather 450x Gen 3(oct-2022) , Gen 3.1(Jan-2023) , Ola S1 Pro(Dec-2022) and recently added Ather Gen 4.0 HR (Oct-2023).

All above things I have mentioned is my own personal experience


I totally agree with this. I have Gen 3.1 and due to some bug I got costing regen for a day and I used it for 60Km. It completely messed up my riding style and I didn’t like it. And there was no improvement in efficiency. Some people might like it, but personally I feel like it’s a gimmick.

Well as a new gen4HR owner i have had this coasting regen ON all the time and it do works i have seen battery percentage going up by a percent while i was coming down from a flyover i am mostly riding in smart eco and my ride efficiency is around 26-28 wh/km and i am getting the range of 100kms in city sonetimes even more my only problem is the regen strength which is completely unpredictable i have witness very strong regen even at 80% soc and a very subtle regen when soc was at 14% and hence the need to have a toggle option to turn it on/off as when needed.


True Ather should also go with this toggle approach of No/low/high regen. As regen currently has a mind of it own.

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Many bought gen 3.1 (ig Ather got the highest sales number in Jan 2023 ) because Tarun said that gen 3.1 will get cruise control, Advance regen , crawl mode etc…

And after 6 month… they said we cannot give Coasting Regen due to HOMOLOGATION…

It’s not about whether the feature is useful or not… But if SMART SCOOTER is not getting the SMART FEATURE, users will definitely be upset with the company.

I also feel coasting regen is not useful everytime…but Advance regen can definitely help me achieve better efficiency based on my riding style.


Sports Mode all the time , I never switch modes I get 115kms on my Gen 3 and minimum 110kms everytime , Active , Coasting or Advanced Regen , only use full when you stay in hills , I still believe Regen is useful in cars but not in scooters , by the time you regen 1% Battery , instead you could have travelled 3km more atleast by the momentum your scooter will have with no Regen , forced Regen and Braking Regen is good for scooters and this active Regen things is good for heavy vehicles like cars


True i feel the same that i could extract more without active regen now that am used to it as an alternate to braking :smile: , Iwill try turning it off and analyse the results

Respectfully disagree. If it doesn’t suit your driving style it is not useless. I had access to it for a week and I loved it. I used to get ~ 10% better energy efficiency on the same route. My riding style is mostly High way and bumper to bumper traffic mix.

On traffic I was able to ride without using any brakes.


Sure try it turning off and use it , update the results here…

+1 Many people aren’t realising how useful it would be for the brakes also. My Gen3 has reach almost 8000km and the brake pads still have a lot of life left. At 5k service, the advisor told that my brakes have more than 50% life left.

All because I rarely hit the brakes, I mostly only use Forced Regen (while breaking my wrists)


Everyone has a different ride style. I don’t use Warp mode it doesn’t mean that it’s useless. Similarly for Coasting Regen. Just give a Switch to turn it on or off as per riders preference.


On gen 4 i dont think breaking your wrist is needed just release the throttle but i get your point that we tend to reverse throttle…

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Thats exactly where i am i hardly use wrap mode using regen always just missing a switch based control to turn it on/off when needed… hope Ather think around it

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I bought 450S recently and I have a few points I would like to mention here. When I took the test ride, I didn’t like the coasting regen as I was not used to having my speed slowed so drastically. But after I bought it, I have come to love the coasting regen because most of the times I don’t have to apply the brakes. The coasting regen helps slow me down while doing regen automatically. However, what I don’t like is that when changing modes I have to leave the throttle and then change the mode. Now I drive on the greater noida expressway, and when I switch from smart Eco mode to Sports mode, my speed all of a sudden slows down very quickly due to the coasting regen. This is very dangerous on highways and expressways.

I wish Ather does somethinf around it, either allow changing modes without having to leave throttle, or have coasting regen activated after a few seconds delay.

Did anyone else feel the same?

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