Hyperflashing Emergency Lights

An important safety feature that is present in most new cars (and older cars abroad too)


when the car detects emergency braking, the brake lights flash followed by hazards.

this would be especially useful on a scooter where people mostly ignore the brake lights. i currently manually flash them by releasing the brakes a couple of times while braking.

i believe a simple software update can add this. we already have brake switches that can tell the amount of pressure applied on the brake levers. a simple algorithm that detects hard deceleration and braking can be used.

another suggestion, in case the scooter detects emergency braking but the rear brakes are not being used, maximum regen can be added to slow down quicker. however i feel that might be harder to implement and hinder the track performance, unless there’s an off switch.

mods, please move this to the correct category. i’m not allowed to post in the feature requests category