Charging without crowding

@swapnil.iitm @tarun @abhishek.balaji I suggest penalizing daily grid users to get full charge @ grid by tracking things. Another cheaper alternative is to provide a monthly plan with free Quota So they use the Quota Wisely…


@abhishek.balaji Why is there a SmartEco mode in the Ather scooter? You allow us to partially charge the scooter’s battery (80% only) on your fast-charging grid system. We must pay fast charging and parking fees and wait for more than one and a half hours to commute 8O km on an Ather scooter. Let us fast charge the scooter’s battery near its total capacity(~100%). So we can travel an additional 20 km in SmartEco mode and save on parking charges. If this is impossible, please do not give fake advertisements saying you can travel 110 km in SmartEco mode per charge. The actual range of the Ather Scooter is only 80 KM.


Hi! Even if you are using green 2, getting just 80km average solo is on the lesser side. You might want to read these topic to improve range. TBH my range is maximum when I use :zap:. Many in the group can confirm the same.

On the main charging topic, it is “fair use”. Fast charging in the grid becomes very slow after 80%. So many will be stuck waiting for up to two hours to get a connected scooter to the last 20%. There are many posts and topics about this here in the forum, if you have a few minutes to read, that has evolved into these decisions by the company.


They advertise 110km SmartEco, but they don’t advertise that you can full charge on Ather Grid.

They advertise 15km in 10 mins, not hog-the-charger-for-4-hours-for-full-charge.

My bro, I get upwards of 70km on Ride mode with my 450+ ON DAILY RIDES, if I hypermile I can get over 80. (450+ promised range on Eco is 85km) If you can’t get the promised range there’s probably something wrong with your riding. As Adrine abovd me suggested, you should try going through those threads for help!


I need to travel 90 KM (up & down) daily. Most of the time, I ride the bike in SmartEco mode to save the battery charge. It will be challenging to stop every 10 km to find the Ather fast charging grid. Also, I must pay charging fees (1/min) + GST(18%) and parking charges and wait 10min for charging to travel 15 km. If the Ather’s fast chargers are efficient enough to charge the battery near its total capacity(~100%) within an hour, who will hog the charger for 4 hours for a full charge?

In my experience, Sport mode gives the best chance of efficiency, as you can control when to use the momentum on up-hills and down-hills, and ability to coast, than Eco mode.

For your usage too, just a top-up of 15 minutes should be more than enough, which should give more than 20 km range.

I remember my colleague doing this 80 km /day with 10 min top-up at grid every day and he used 100% Sport mode.


I did 200km few days ago and maintaining speed in sports for extracting max rang is pain in ass.

Cruise could have helped in this a lot. But now that’s off the table…

Agree with that. You get wrist pain.

Also, I have done 600km a day in my Eoyal Enfield. never got wrist pain. Not sure why it happens with Ather.

In sports mode the accelerator just starts feeling too heavy on the wrist and warp is extremely light to flick inadvertently so the middle ground in a higher output mode is not still available.

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I agree! For me charging speeds dropped after around 60% Apparently 60% has become my optimised charging cut off instead of 80%

I was wondering what if Ather removed the 80% cut off Nobody in their right mind would pay or wait for charging to 100%

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Not sure! Guess Ather has to create an expense tracker for each scooter

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How about prepaid charging?

Once you’re connected to the grid, you enter a number (amount/percentage/kilometres/units) & our scooters would charge for that much & disconnect?

Kinda like a petrol station where you ask the guy to fill for X rupees


They already have. It’s available as fuel savings.

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I don’t like the auto cut off at 80%. I live in Tumkur and I own a 450+ gen 3. Let’s say I travel to Bangalore (~ 70KMs away) and I will need to charge my Ather to 100% on the grid for a ride back since there’s no grids on the way. Makes no sense to me. You guys are claiming to make it available to who really need it and do I not actually need it in this case?


Your case is genuine. Unfortunately a system can’t differentiate between this and people who don’t have such need and still hog the charger to 100%.

More grids especially on the longer route should solve the problem because you can charge again after 50 kms for a 15 minute top up


Sums it up pretty well


I think they are disconnected from reality.

Grid stops charging when soc reaches 80% and you don’t get billed post that.

So I can put it in charging go and watch movies.


Although this was what I was expecting too, the couple times I’ve charged at the grid, it hasn’t stopped charging at 80% and unlocked the charger.

Charger stays locked while SoC shows a constant 80%.

I’m still attributing it to be either a grid or scooter issue. But let’s see.


Charging till 80 still means you’re needlessly hogging the grid up until 80%, which could be anywhere from 15 to 50 minutes.

And pricing based on electricity use means people would still be comfortable hogging the Grid knowing they’re paying for the electricity they’re gonna use, and not the fact that they’re paying for the time they keep the Grid unavailable for someone else.