Charging without crowding

Hey folks!

The Ather Grid network has been rapidly expanding across the country in the last few months. Today, we’re at 1400+ chargers across the country, making it the largest 2W fast charging network in India.

While we scale even further, we’ve been focusing on improving the charging experience for all owners. Based on feedback from the community,

  • We’ve improved the reliability and uptime of Ather Grid chargers to more than 90%
  • Switched to Auto cut off at 80% charge levels at Ather Grid points
  • Made Ather Grid points exclusive for fast charging, by disabling the 15A socket

As a next step to improve the availability and accessibility of chargers, we’re bringing in paid charging at Ather Grid charging stations.

Paid charging will ensure that owners charge at Ather Grid points only for the duration needed, and free up chargers to those who really need it. Some of our owners have been helping us refine the experience with Beta Labs, and we’re now rolling it out in a phased manner starting with the following states:

  • Karnataka
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Delhi
  • Maharashtra

Starting 1 August 2023, charging at Ather Grid points will be available at a fee of ₹ 1/min + GST.

A few points to note

  1. For our Ather 450 (Gen 1 and Gen 1.5) owners, who’ve been our longest flag bearers, Ather Grid charging will continue to be free.
  2. If you’ve purchased a scooter during Ather Electric December (2022), charging at Ather Grid will continue to be free for the duration of the offer.
  3. The Ather App will become your hub to manage your charging experience at Ather Grids, allowing you to view nearby Grids, make payments and check the charge status of your scooter.

Really bad for price based on the time😔


1₹/min +GST means roughly 100₹ for 80% while we can get it on 15-20₹ at home. So 5 times more expensive for fast charging is way expensive even if you take charging instrastructure in count. I’m 100% sure this will slowdown the adaption of EV rapidly. Things should be on reasonable price. Your scooters are already way expensive than competition in the market and now this charging. Charging for what we are getting is not a problem but demanding higher than what we get in return is not good at all. 4-5 times more expensive is really bad move.



Kindly increase the charging station or install new charging station at crowded areas, especially at IT parks… :slightly_smiling_face: The ratio for the Ather EV’s as of the Ather grid is still very less :smiling_face_with_tear:


As previously stated, this pricing per minute does not work out for EVs compared to ICE vehicles and I had already stated my views


The announced rate will be a Hit Back to Ather.

@abhishek.balaji @tarun @swapnil.iitm


So buying Ather is not only expensive but a foolish decision too and you made all the people who bought latest gen athers a big fools. Good job @abhishek.balaji


Uptime 90% :laughing::laughing::laughing: Here in Wakad, Pune there are only 2 Ather grids available. One is not working from more than a week and second one is close at 9 PM when said Tobe 24 hrs @abhishek.balaji @tarun


Charges based on time is worst. Charging times are unpredictable. Few days back i was charging at grid the fast charger took 1 hours to charge from 66% to 80% imagine charging frm 0%


worst dicision making up for refund of chargers .


Finally good move to punish grid abuser’s.


Please charge based on unit not time.


This is annoying. During purchase the sale team has informed that there won’t be any charges Upto 1 year from the purchasing date if u are using Ather fast charging grid. Now all of the sudden taking out this option will really have huge impact and trust towards the brand will come down. At least check the price u r fixing for fast charging it is huge 1rs per min.


Everything else seems kosher but not all chargers fast charge evenly or the same % of SoC depending on the model, generation of fast charger and surroundings can’t it be priced 1₹/3% of SoC + GST.


You’ve got your calculation all wrong. You mean to say it will take more than an hour to charge your flight to 80%? How did you come to Rs. 100/- ? 0 to 80% takes 45 min max.

Firstly, your flight will seldom be at a 0% SOC. Secondly, use of grids is for top ups. So if you charge for even 30 mins, for e.g., you get a range of 45kms. For which you’ll pay 30/- plus GST.

How is that expensive? Your running cost is less than a rupee/km.

Comparing it to home charging is pointless.


Not always its gets charged in 45min. Many time ther is bugs like few days back it took me 1 hour jst to charge from 66% to 80%. This kind of issue will make us suffer


To tackle this, I just wait for 1 min extra and watch the %. If it doesn’t increase in 1 minute just unplug and replug it, it should be fine this time


Is team Ather is out of their mind. If we chrgeba carvhighest price is ₹20/kwh Ather battery is 3kw and are charging whooping ₹100. What do you want? Put your pricing consumed not minutes.


Why don’t they put their prices as per Kwh consumed instead of minutes which is the standard everywhere. Ather is starting looting their customers.