Charging without crowding

Sums it up pretty well


I think they are disconnected from reality.

Grid stops charging when soc reaches 80% and you don’t get billed post that.

So I can put it in charging go and watch movies.


Although this was what I was expecting too, the couple times I’ve charged at the grid, it hasn’t stopped charging at 80% and unlocked the charger.

Charger stays locked while SoC shows a constant 80%.

I’m still attributing it to be either a grid or scooter issue. But let’s see.


Charging till 80 still means you’re needlessly hogging the grid up until 80%, which could be anywhere from 15 to 50 minutes.

And pricing based on electricity use means people would still be comfortable hogging the Grid knowing they’re paying for the electricity they’re gonna use, and not the fact that they’re paying for the time they keep the Grid unavailable for someone else.


Ather is not charging for the time charging plug is connected to scooter but only for the time when fast charging is happening. So all these reasons are illogical. Also charging will stop and unlock automatically at 80% and charging will also stop when wallet balance is nill


Ye this is a recent change… but since scooter doesn’t indicate if it’s charging fast or slow, people will usually presume they’re paying for the time hence leave early.

Went to a Grid 2 weeks ago and a brand new 450x was charging past 85% with no cutoff…

Anyway, even if it did reliably unlock at 80% every single time, the charger would still be hogged up till 80% if not for the time based pricing🚀


If I charge till 80% I am hogging. If I charge I’ll 100% I was hogging.

Next year if Ather will make charge above 25% solw, then if I charge till 30% then I am also hogging.

There is nothing as such ideal usage of grid. Everyone is different their use case is different as well.


If you only need 10% more to reach home, then yes

There is man, you use it to top up just enough to reach home (or wherever you can use your charger to charge it), Grid is not a portable charger substitute!

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I feel that Ather might allow the grid location owners to set their own fee for charging points (within a certain ₹ range) once they get data/info that the grid points are not crowded at ₹1/min.

Horrible experience and too much high price based on the time and electricity we use

Recently I Changed my Ater 450X for 30mins 80% change has to be done but I have been charged 64rs and the app shows I have been charged 78mins How can it be possible?

This incident made me low and I have decided not to use Grid points as its too expensive.

Report it to cc

You can see the calculation says 78.05 x 1= ₹54.17. That is wrong. Report using the Help option in the same page go to Public CI and then select I was overcharged in the drop down menu. You’ll get the refund soon.

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In my experience with multiple grid points & a stopwatch 58% is where fast charger is no longer fast

strongly agreed

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It does slow down to 1%/ min post 60. However, after 66% it drastically drops further & the Estimated Time disappears as soon as the SOC crosses 66%.


Oh! I quit charging after 60% Were the charging speeds different before all of this pay per minute update? Never observed it closely since it was free then just a gut feeling that it was much faster a month ago.

Yea that charging speed was reduced with the 5.7 update. Earlier, it use to slow down from 76% i.e. 76-80% in 6-7 mins


@abhishek.balaji As a new user who got my 450x few days back i am still wondering if i should charge at Grid decongesting the grid is a welcome move but pricing at 1rs/min + GST is an overkill.


@abhishek.balaji @tarun Ather Grid pricing should be reconsidered charged first time for 15 mins and got a bill of Rs 17.70 the overall battery topped up was just 11% so its not even charging at 1% per minute for quick top ups too.