Ather Dot, the new home charging pod

Ather Dot.
First things first…looks amazing in that matt grey shade. The colour together with it’s S
Shape looks like a monitor lizard climbing a fort wall.


Now for some questions.

  1. Why? What were the triggers to get this?
  2. Can we see a picture of the new portable charger?
  3. Does the 50:50 weight distribution change because of the removal of on-board charger?
  4. Will the public chargers also change to this?

Reminds me of a Stormtrooper helmet :grinning:


May the force be with you!

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Point. Dot. Dash when?

Why did the dot eat the point?


Also no more free installation!

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I’d be fuming if I had to pay 1.5k or whatever over 1.13. Wait I have paid 1.23 :thinking:


I feel the charging point installation cost should be included in the ather one plan if a new owner opts for it.

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The current onboard charger was probably an overkill and the AC-DC conversion was generating heat, ergo the charger cooling fans kicked in often?

This I am curious to see. Would in effect be lugging around a transformer since it would have to do the AC-DC conversion now? I am guessing the size may double or triple that of the current one.

I feel they should not. The white alien eggshell looks better in a public grid point than this.


The why in my opinion is because of the power fluctuation issues, it has been not robustly built to work in ordinary conditions of bangalore electricity supply. As for the other questions I’m curious too.


I think it’s free for batch 1 and batch 2 pre-booking

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Will the price of Ather 450 go down with changes from Ather pod to Ather dot and removing internal Ac to Dc converter

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Price will remain same. AC to DC converter has moved from 450 to DOT now. Electronics has remained the same.

  • Looks techno-cute :wink: (But I like what I have currently… Because it’s matching the scooter color)

  • I guess public chargers won’t change because during Fast charging, the scooter charger is anyway a pass thru. So no need to change unless they want it to look similar.

  • I didn’t understand the installation charges. Is it for all new purchases? Isnt installation free anymore?

  • If existing ratio is 49:51 how come removal of this charger makes it help for better ratio?

  • 45 minutes extra charging time in home is okay. But instead of that increase affecting 80-100%, this affecting 0-80% by an hour is disappointing.


My delivery is in Bangalore this September will I get the old Ather pod or new Ather dot … I prefer old Ather pod … If it costs the same

I guess you will get old scooter and old charger.

I mean current model :wink:


Bro we are seriously not happy with this change to dot.

Reasons :

  • Dot doesn’t look as sexy as pod.
  • Portable charger will no more be a sealed unit like a lap charger. (will need ventilation for fan which will affect longevity due to dust ingression)
  • Portable charger will become heavy and big, which would eat up my boot space (Also increase the cost of buying)
  • Not sure if the DC current converted using the portable charger would have all of the noise filtering circuit and the rectifications.
  • Increase in charge time

I was very impressed with the RCCB circuit and the voltage over and under protection that was there as part of pod. I am from electronics background and this gave me the confidence to go with Ather since you gave importance to minor details…
Now it looks to me like a cost cutting and I am worried about what other internal components went through a change for cost cutting.
Please atleast give users a choice to chose. Chennai is a big city and eco mode for increase in range will not help… We planned of carrying portable charger to office and help ourselves.
With removal of quality internal AC to DC converter, and increase in charge time, it makes me much worried.
@tarun fyi


Would like to see how much size increased… Hoping it should be just 20%

I feel the new bike is not a upgrade instead it is a downgrade with increase in charge time … so I prefer old model if their no change in price reduction


Agreed. Its a step back than up.


Hey @Ather.Team,

  • Would it affect the owners who have already pre - booked . I was quite satisfied with the previous charger and it’s charging times.
  • Was thinking of carrying the portable charger at all times in my boot, just for emergencies. I am not sure if I could carry the new one.

Please @Ather.Team @Shreyas don’t make this change for the already existing pre-orders. It’s been 1.5 months since I pre-ordered and very close to delivery … And all my financials are also setup for the scooter … Would be very disappointed if I had to pay extra for the charger fixing now.

It would be better if you execute this only for the new pre-orders which have been made after this was announced.

Please clear my doubts