Apex Low Indicator Noise/Daytime Map Issue

@smridhi.kalati @abhishek.balaji Why is the indicator noise, theft alert, and tow alert sound so low in Apex? It’s barely audible compared to my Series 1. Can this be fixed in the next OTA update?

Additionally, the maps in Apex are barely usable in daytime because they remain in dark mode, especially with live traffic enabled. Due to poor contrast, the maps become unusable altogether during the day. Could you please fix this issue as soon as possible?


I agree.

  1. Indicator and all notification sounds are too low
  2. Dark mode in bright sunlight makes the screen barely visible
  3. The horn - sounds like a TVS scooty! Please bring back the original 450 horn sound level

They might give Day Mode for Other Modes like Eco/Ride/Sport Only

When Using Warp+ They might force UI to use Dark Mode for the Warp + Animation Effect

Even during Night Times, Using Dark will not feel Good imo.


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It’s not Apex, they reduced the sound from Gen 3 or 3.1 I guess, cause my 3.1 also has so low sounds compared to my Series 1. There are many comments about this on the forum.

Also the horn,

I asked this last year in the QnA

Here is what they said,

They could have added ‘Series 1’ on the new UI like they wrote ‘APEX’ there. Also I feel, the bootup sound of the OG 450 was much better than Gen 2/3.

It’s evolving, just backwards!


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@smridhi.kalati any update on this issue?