First hand review of 450X Gen2 vs Gen3

I have just purchased a 450X gen3 as a second vehicle for family although I have been using the gen2 for 2.5yrs .My first impression of gen3 vehicle was like first the indicator and park assist sound was so low it was hardly audible so took it to service center but was informed that it’s arai rule of lowering the sound I thought it ok but then if arai has rule of lowering indicator sound then why even keep it the audio option in settings if it’s hardly audible. While I thought that gen 3 is a update from gen2.I still feel that gen2 is way better( it doesn’t have an accessories such as side step support though) .During the ride differential between both vehicle I still feel gen2 performance decrease ( maybe due to slightly bigger rear wheel ) coz have the habit of gen2 riding only on eco mode when single driving but have to compulsory switch to ride in gen3 don’t the reason for it though .The increased dashboard specs doens’t matter for me coz the speed is hardly noticeable/ I am used to slow dashboard speed of gen2 .while the only refresh is the new colours for gen3 and the support for accesories would had been better if only Ather had the option of adjustable handlebar or even a dedicated footrest which was demand of users since gen2 launched way back. What’s the use of optimised charging if gen3 has 5 yr warranty on battery pack( I understand that there are some users who just use it for short trips but then my gen2 has clocked 30k kms without the feature. Nevertheless gen3 is great vehicle but for 2nd time Ather users the only upgrade is support for accesories and a bigger battery pack along with a 5 yr warranty on battery.


What!!Arai has restricted the sound levels??..Then how tf is Ola able to play music while riding the bike!!..Incredible, raise a ticket and they’ll get you fixed…Not able to believe these reasons :neutral_face:


Don’t know but checked with other gen3 vehicle too it’s hardly audible compared to Gen2 during driving in which it’s hard to guess if the indicators are even on or not.The service center told me that arai has informed to reduce noise/db for indicators dont know the truth in it though


I also feel the sound is low. Dont have reference from Gen2 but I feel its low on my Gen 3.1


@kumaragurusenapathy @rathod.rishabh113 @marghoob.hasan what is arai please?

For my own scooter

  • 1- the indicator sound is audible when there is no traffic
  • 2- and the whoosh sound when driving on a silent road
  • 3- never played any music , the traffic sound is music to me for the moment till I get experienced
  • 4- but the reverse sound is very audible, traffic or no traffic

Is there a sound checklist to look out for? Thanks very much Cheryl

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Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) is co-operative industrial research association by the automotive industry with the Ministry of Industries, Government Of India, The objectives of the Association are Research and Development in automotive engineering for industry, product design and development, evaluation of automotive equipment and ancillaries, standardization, technical information services, execution of advanced courses on the application of modern technology and conduct of specific tests

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You can’t adjust the volume of the sounds…Instead you can enable/disable by simply scrolling down through the settings!!

This really needs a book for new entrants on their first scooter :grinning:

I know but the only issue why even give the option of on/off of sound if they have to reduce sound so much that it’s hardly audible

I have replied for @dolancdd 's question!!!


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2). Mine is louder than others Ather’s, PPL also in traffic get to know about Ather is passing!! And PPL love to see too