450X timelines for your city!

What are the other cities in pipeline for release of Ather? Ather can think of atleast all capital cities in India. @abhishek.balaji

Adding one more to the list, @Kozhikode is all set to welcome the Ather 450X in Q1 2021!


Unbelievable! This day is getting better and better!


Well day is getting better news but Anxiety of reveal is increasing exponential. @tarun @abhishek.balaji you guys should be careful of giving too many exciting good news in short span of time. :star_struck:

In case you missed, The offical reveal dates are out! 26 sep. Emails coming out in batches.

I saw that. They added 5 extra delivery events of which one was revealed by @abhishek.balaji Kozhikode. :wink: 4 more to go!?

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Any city from Andhra pradesh?:neutral_face:

Any possibility to have in Trivandrum by Q1 2021?

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Ather is getting exponentially famous out here in Udupi district! It’s because of the work of a one-man army here! :joy:

Please add Udupi too to the list; possibly by Q1 of 2021?


If you ask all the guys who want to buy an ather to pre order the 450X which is anyway refundable. It’ll push Udupi to become one of the cities next yr. Just like how Kozhikode made it to the list and beat many other bigger cities.


@abhishek.balaji Any hint, for Mysore ?

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Hi @abhishek.balaji

I recently bought 450 as I wanted a scooter immidiately, I also went against all my friends and family to prove EV is the future and what Ather can do in performance and ride experience. Ather team has not confirmed about delivery time lines for 450x at that point of time. Now as the 450x delivery is about to start can I exchange my 450 which is very new and by the delivery starts it may not even travel 1000km. If I order now when can I get my scooter(450x). Because time line is what maters. Any one out there with lower order number ready to giveup their order for 450x.please let me know.I can use that.

This is for Ather team : As I see the expansion program, I do not think I shall get this EV in my city till my 70th B’day. Do you have a program to promote the vehicles in cities where there is no network ? If yes, when ? Also we are about 200+ Kms from Pune, so does that mean we are in Pune region ?


You are free to take delivery at Pune and ship it to your hometown. However, you will not have any local service support for hardware issues. Every time you want to get it serviced, you’ll need to ship it back to Pune.


…what about goa ??

I too wish for that, i bought ather from chennai and shipped it to vizag.

No mention of Goa at all. Any update on the timeline for Goa?. And my account dashboard shows that delivery will start in q4 2020 and full payment window open soon. What that means?

That’s generic message for all. Delivery at 11 cities start Q4 2020 as told.