450X timelines for your city!

Hey @450X-Pre-Orders

Finally, some more information about Ather 450X deliveries in different cities happening “soon”.

Here are the delivery timelines

November 2020:

@Bengaluru, @Chennai, @Hyderabad, @Pune, @Kochi, @Kolkata, @Ahmedabad

In December 2020:

@Mumbai, @Delhi-NCR

Q1 2021:

@Coimbatore & other cities

What does this mean for you?

Ather Grid:

We’ll be setting up Ather Grid points in each city, before the deliveries begin.

Payment and financing options:

We’ll open the payment window roughly a couple of weeks before we deliver your scooter. Financing options and Ather One subscription plans for the 450X will be announced in October.

Test Rides

We will begin test rides in each of the above cities in about 3-4 weeks.

Collector’s edition

Stay tuned on the forum, you’ll hear about it within this month.


Coimbatore Q1 2020??? Is that 2021

Oops, yes it is around January 2021 :smiley:

Buy why coimbatore in 2021…when we can expect test ride in coimbatore

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We’re in the final stages of closing the dealership etc, hence the timeline of Q1 2021, you’ll hear more about exact timelines in a few weeks. Test rides will begin roughly around the same time, Q1 2021


This means Pune Experience center/dealership should be operational very soon. Can’t wait for 450X test ride.

You have more news about Collector’s edition? I hope news is delivery will be before November :slight_smile:

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Collector’s edition timelines will be the same as the timelines mentioned above. For news, you’ll know everything about it by the end of this month.

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It there a dealership in Ahmedabad currently? When is it starting?

That’s a great news, much awaited. Please let me know if I can help in setting up the Grid location. Have friends shops in prime location in Pune Let me know. Thanks


great news abhishek. looking forward. Thanks for the update

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Thank You , Waiting long !:+1:

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Hi, can you please also let us know if the financing options will also have buyback of our old ICE vehicle? I recall you guys had done a partnership for buyback.

Eagerly waiting for this but my order id is very back hoping to get it soon


The collector’s edition… :metal:t3: Can’t wait to get my hands on the beast!!

Finally some silver lining for this sucky year.

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Way to go boyz…

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Thanks Abhishek. At the 450x launch event existing owners were informed that there would be an option to upgrade to the 450x.

Any update on the same?

We are waiting for a long time then why are you collecting pre-order Whether preorded will get discount?

That’s the intention! We’ll share more details around this as well, closer to the start of deliveries in each city.

We’re doing our best to work out a Ather 450 to 450X exchange program. We don’t have any details that we can share at this point, but will keep you posted.

I understand that there was a delay between pre-ordering and deliveries happening, the pandemic did push our timelines out by a few months, but we’ve got everything on track for November deliveries in the initial cities. There’s no discount for those who pre-ordered, but you’d be one of the first in line to take home the 450X in your city if you’ve pre-ordered early.

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We’re working with dealer partners amidst COVID restrictions. The plan is to start our service centers, sales, test rides, and installation of Ather Grid points in each city even before the experience centers are in place.