Upgrading your Ather 450 to 4G LTE

It requires a hardware change. So, it will be done at doorstep or in service center depends on City.

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3 weeks are over since I received the mail. Ather, kindly give us an update on resumption of upgradation of 450 to 4G. I don’t deny that I was contacted by customer support 8 days ago but I was told that the activity will resume in 2-3 weeks and customers will be updated. Against what is this reference of 2-3 weeks? It can’t be 2-3 week over every conversation. During the conversation with the customer support executive, i was told that Ather is extending the subscription period of the connect pro pack by corresponding period. I don’t think we customers belong to the class who look for freebies and this was told to the customer support executive. We need action bound by timeline.

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To all who are waiting for upgrade

Don’t go for it. I’m losing around 10% battery charge daily becs of this. After my current subscription is done, I will not go for any connect subscription.

i think your scooter will be still connected to the network even without subscription. subscription only gives access to the connected services and ather app


The Vodafone sim is deactivated fully, all I have to do after my subscription is over, is to disconnect the dongle that’s connected.

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Guys, please come up with a DIY for upgradation to 4G for Ather-450 scooters. Tired of waiting for a solution from Ather.

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I don’t think it can be done, the software is limited to use the internal SIM, even adding a dongle will not help since the network will be routed to the internal one, unless the internal sim is disabled and the antenna is disconnected to make sure it does not connect to it. There won’t be a solution.

A startup company’s service center SHOULD work on Sundays as well, whatever the limitations. This will be a plus factor. Ather needs to think on this. Its often found from this forum that scooters are held back in SCs for extended period (genuine reasons could be there though) and this inconveniences the customers to a large extent and so customers hesitate to send the scooters to the Sc. If things can be done at doorstep (and as promised) it has to be done so. I request Ather to take a note of this.

The first sentence in the above paragraph contains SHOULD because I was told by the SC that they don’t work on Sunday. This was during the interaction a few days ago when I reported dashboard in active state even when power supply to charger is cut off and I requested for a pickup on a Sunday since I work 6 days in a week. I decided to get it checked when 4G upgradation (as and when and if at all it happens) is done and for the reason that my scooter may stay in the SC for extended period and put me into inconvenience.

Ather Mumbai Service Center guys have been working on Sundays too, since the lockdown ended. But again, its a dealership run module here in Mumbai, so not sure if that changes how they operate across different cities.

The team here in Mumbai is extremely nice and have always tried helping all the owners above and beyond.


This is how I got to know that SC is not working on Sunday when I requested for a pickup on Sunday.

The Bangalore service center is closed on Sundays. Have passed on your details to the team for priority installation once we resume installations in a week or so.

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Thank you for the update on 4G upgradation. Keeping the service center closed on Sundays considering the demography of Bangalore is not the right approach. Ather needs to work on this so that customers who who have 6 day working week aren’t affected. Thanks again.

Hello. I am facing lots of problems after upgrading to 4G. I feel people should invest in this. Company is charging for it and it’s of no use. Location detection is horrible. There is a difference of 500m. And also map approach is bad. Inspite of repeated complaints there is no response. I have left it off and would advise poeple to think hundred times before commuting yourself to ather when so many companies with good features and speed and mileage. People please be smart.


Hey folks,

A quick update on the 4G upgrade, we’ve started rolling out a beta patch update to fix the network issues for a few folks who have the 4G upgrade module already installed. This should fix the issue of intermittent network connectivity. Once we validate that the fixes have resolved the issue, we’ll roll it out to everyone who has the 4G module installed, and resume the installations again for the remaining 450 owners.

For those who have the 4G module installed already, if you dont see the update downloaded in a day or two, please reach out to the service team, to get the update manually installed.


Thanks, something positive to end the month…hope it remains so in October and upgradation is done for all by next month end.

I got the patch updated on my scooter yesterday. I don’t see any improvement in the network issue but the fans in the vehicle have gone crazy. Fans have become very loud and keep vibrating for good 2 - 3 seconds even after scooter stops.

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I have received the patch , and tested it yesterday there is no more disconnection or lag in map loading it’s more smoothly loading when a destination is set

I second this. @abhishek.balaji Motor fans are going crazy after the update. They used to switch off at about 11kmph, but now they stop only after the vehicle comes to a complete halt.

The 4G network is a little better. But it loses network for about 5-10 minutes in the middle and then connects back. So, there is improvement. But not too much. Lost connectivity in the middle of my ride today and a few days back while riding. Restarted and it connected.

Update: There has been no improvement to the 4G network after the OTA. Vehicle lost network multiple times today. Not even a slight improvement as thought previously.

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I too thought it was a bug, until I read this line here :slight_smile:

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Ah, didn’t see the OTA thread. Thanks for pointing it out!

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