Upgrading your Ather 450 to 4G LTE

As far as I know, this question had been asked in open forums and this was not answered. It was internal to Ather.

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:shushing_face: only a matter of time before my warranty is up and I open that thing up

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Update 3: Aug 23 - As said earlier, Ather informed me on Saturday that 4G upgrade has been paused and it will resume in 2 weeks and I will get a new slot once resumes. I agreed and Monday pickup was cancelled.

But, today, pickup person called to collect the vehicle. I informed him about my slot cancellation. After discussing with Ather representative, he called me back & updated that 4G upgrade was not paused & he has been asked to pickup as scheduled.

Because, the pickup was mentioned as cancelled, I had scheduled a dentist appointment for today noon. So, had informed him that I can’t give the vehicle now thru last minute update.

Last week, When someone called me seeing my forum post to apologize and to resolve it, I requested on two things.

  1. Make a single person point of contact for a tickets instead of multiple persons handling it.
  2. Please keep the co-ordination among you so that customers don’t get half or mis-information.

I am not sure If this was heard.

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Hey, hope the team has reached out to you on this. There was a miss from our end since you had requested for the 4G upgrade and periodic service to be clubbed together, and a miscommunication led to the service team reaching out to you on this.

I too had the same doubt. But, I got a callback with “4G upgrade is happening and I have been asked to pickup the vehicle” :slight_smile:

Anyway, Rehaan had called me to clarify. Thanks Abhishek.

LOL…I received an email just now from Ather, Bangalore stating that 4G upgrade activity is paused currently and is expected to resume in 2-3 weeks…and blah blah blah…and asking me to share the vehicle registration number to make a record on waitlist…whos is to be believed???

4G upgrade is paused V/S Happening appears to be a thriller. Meanwhile 6G is coming.

it’s done to me though, but tbh people are facing constant disconnection and to able to reconnect, so it’s paused

anyone facing network issue after 4g upgrade?

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is the problem found on why the 4g upgrade has been stopped? and why the network is keep on disconnecting? an update would be nice

Wow! What a journey from 3G to 2G to NO SIGNAL!

The timeline dates back to 14th August, 2020 on the topic and its one year now…and we are still waiting for a reliable working system. Hope issues are sorted out in the next couple of weeks, upgrade “pause” status is lifted and upgradation is completed quickly AND in the order of expression of interest on upgrade, which I find is not really there.


I upgraded on 19th and regretting it till day. It drops off after 5 minutes. Sometimes we have to hard reboot while standing in a signal to get the 4G back. Yesterday I had to go to a new location and half the way it was gone Phut. Regretting the upgrade badly. Hope ather’s experiments with customer will be stopped in the future.

No more ride statistics after upgrade :frowning: lots of disconnects and had to do hard reboots.

How to upgrade to 4G?

Ticket no. 143397 (Quick update on 4G Installation) has been closed WITHOUT doing anything. I don’t understand what was resolved. Can someone from Ather explain? Thanks.

Reproducing the mail received from Ather just now. Dear Ram Panchapakesan,

The concern raised by you has been resolved. The ticket number 143397 - subject Re: Quick update on 4G installation. is set as closed.

We have tried to make this process as smooth as possible for you. We would love to know if you were happy with the interaction with you.

But, if you still feel that something has not been addressed, and would like to reopen the case, feel free to reply to this email, we’ll take it forward from there.


Sanith Sachin Vernekar

Ather Energy Customer Service Team


As I understand from the team, they’ve reached out to you regarding this. We’ll keep you updated when installations resume.

Hi…Yes, I was reached by the team. Thanks Abhishek Balaji.


Will it be automatically updated to 4G or we have to bring the vehicle to Service Centre? @abhishek.balaji

It requires a hardware change. So, it will be done at doorstep or in service center depends on City.

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3 weeks are over since I received the mail. Ather, kindly give us an update on resumption of upgradation of 450 to 4G. I don’t deny that I was contacted by customer support 8 days ago but I was told that the activity will resume in 2-3 weeks and customers will be updated. Against what is this reference of 2-3 weeks? It can’t be 2-3 week over every conversation. During the conversation with the customer support executive, i was told that Ather is extending the subscription period of the connect pro pack by corresponding period. I don’t think we customers belong to the class who look for freebies and this was told to the customer support executive. We need action bound by timeline.

To all who are waiting for upgrade

Don’t go for it. I’m losing around 10% battery charge daily becs of this. After my current subscription is done, I will not go for any connect subscription.

i think your scooter will be still connected to the network even without subscription. subscription only gives access to the connected services and ather app

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