Tips on how to get good range from your Ather 450X

Sorry for long post. For others who don’t want to read full, a 3 line summary:

  • I tested my 46 month old Gen-1 by riding 85.3 km with 4% charge left.
  • The range prediction below 30% is not reliable.
  • Forced Eco mode < 18% will penalise you.

Now, for others who have patience: Today, I had a need to drive 81 kms on a single charge. Two years back, I would have done that with more confidence.

But, on an almost 4 years old Gen 1, I wasn’t sure of battery health. From 100-50, I am confident of getting 40+ kms range with efficient driving. But, I am always skeptical about range prediction below 30%.

After 60 kms I gave up the idea because of range anxiety and rural roads where I could hardly see any home / shop, leave alone place for charging. So, I asked the person to come and handover at that point.

Now that, I already finished the job, I thought this is right time for me to test how much range I get in full battery. So, I continued the ride until 23% charge and started returning.

I covered 70 kms with 23% charge left. Now, I had to cover 11 kms in remaining 23%. On paper, it is very much doable. But, 2 problems

  • The charge drop is much faster below 30%.
  • At 18%, you will be forced to Eco mode, which will remove any chance of momentum in the up-hill or down-hill.

With a Luna like driving for final 5-6 kms, I had reached home completing 85.3 km with 4% charge left. If I had continued until 0%, I might have completed 87 km.

Summary: 80+ km range for a 4 year old vehicle is impressive. Compared to what I have achieved in my first 1-2 years, I think my battery health might be at 85-90% now.


Guys, I’ve a quick query. Which scenario is better for battery health?

  1. 50-80% once a week or
  2. 20-80% twice a week.
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In theory, any variation between 20-80 is good.

Because, Ather says even 20-80 doesn’t offer significant improvement in battery health. Considering that, any other variations is only going to add more effort on charging habit without much benefit.

There is a excellent explanation here

I use optimal charging to keep the upper limit at 80%. I commute 25 km one way (in sport mode, below xx kmph only ) so not much to be done about the lower limit. I usually end the day about ~25% and charge daily.

I’ve also read that time is a big enemy too.

So I am going to rely on following the good practices and Ather protect and ride the bike. 50 to 80% once a week would barely get me to work ! with option 2) I could manage two days


You mean to say

  1. 50-80% twice a week or
  2. 20-80% once a week.



Yes Akash. That’s the question


Thanks rajashekhar. I guess that’s a great explanation

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Excellent tips. I am sure this will be super useful for new Ather users.

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Recently bought 450X travelled 121 km. Recent ride shows 0 km/min. And 0 Wh/km Is it software issue or other ? Suggest what to do ?

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Please click on See all rides to check if the ride stats are updated. 121.2 km shown is the total distance travelled

It’s all blank no data shown

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Ride stats should start updating in a day or two more. Keep riding till then. If you don’t see ride stats after 2 days then contact on or raise a ticket through the Ather app about this issue.

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You can try re-login to see if that helps. Btw when did you take the delivery?

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Already tried doesn’t worked.

It is software glitch


Takes Three to four days to reflect for first time after delivery.

It’ll take how much time they will take to process your delivery status to be updated on their website. I faced it, check first in their website for you order marked as delivered.

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Exactly after 1 week of using the vehicle, stats started showing up correctly for me. I completed 1 week on Thursday and that’s when it started showing up all the details. Just hold on for a week…