Tips on how to get good range from your Ather 450X

Yes that’s true features can differentiate both models but if real world range is under 80 then both vehicles should have access to 2.6-2.7 KW of battery pack because remaining buffer is more than enough for future. Everything is perfect, from suspension to ride quality to power to looks no issues there but only concern is vehicle have ability to get more range with the current hardware but company have locked it for the end user.

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I have crossed 500kms…and there seem to be a slight increase in range for me… My daily travel crosses 66 kms… up and down


Sometimes when there’s some belt sounds early on when you get the scooter, seem to smoothen out after 500-1000km. About the range, it will only get affected after your battery capacity degrades, which takes 4-6 years on an average usage.


After 100% charge my 450x is showing 85 in eco mode but not going that much km whats the issue

Can you share how much efficiency your ride generally consumes? It should be less than 30 kW/h to get a good range.


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How to ride in less efficiency brother am Not able to use it less than 40

If you have realtime efficiency enabled, you can make sure you are not riding inefficiently by keeping track of the Red Halo appearing. If the red halo appears almost always in whatever way you ride, you might want to check the brake and freeness of your tyres.

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My battery shows 99% completed is it a bug or there is problem it doesn’t shows 100%

Seems similar issue as I reported in thread below.

I didn’t face this again. Ather support had confirmed to fix.