Tips on how to get good range from your Ather 450X

It most definitely isn’t for some people who need to travel longer distances in the city (sometimes unplanned).

Some people might not have the time to locate a free charging station and wait for the vehicle to charge up.

Ather allows any EV to charge on their grid.

What is the x lines on the display which model is urs

But range anxiety is something that needs to be worked upon. Especially when the dashboard shows mostly a company default range. My wife freaks out looking at the kms than the %%. I wish there was a better representation of charge/range that does not nerve new folk.

You should be looking at the Series 1 UI.

What I have noticed so far is maintaining good tyre pressure and slow pick up does the game irrespective of any mode. Yes but at time I also forget about the range and just enjoy the beast for its ultimate warp pick up

This is the right way to enjoy the benefits of the technology. Good experiment which normally not told to us at the dealer level. I eperience the same in TVS Ntorq.

In addition to the smart riding habits, the swappable option as mentioned in this link can help us:

Yes I have been facing the same issue, also noticed just in 6 months when my charge is 100% and I start riding in eco mode, the battery percentage drops to 99% after 0.2 km and to 98 after 0.8 km.


This is not new and exists from Ather 450 days. I remember it as a glitch related to calibration. You can refer the below post for explanation from Ather team.

Note: Earlier, from 100%, it was dropping to 98% (9% never existed). But, now that bug is fixed, it drops to 99 and then 98%. But, the fact is :drop from 100% to 98 or 97% is quick… Often I noticed that if I shut down at mid 90% and start again, the Soc will increase by 1%.


When plugged in, and your battery pack reaches 100%, it starts what’s called trickle charging. When it reaches 100%, it stops charging, waits for it to drop by a percent or two, and tops it back up. If you unplug during this time, your battery would be almost at 100%.

This is likely what’s happening in your, and @power_light2000’s case.

Hey @abhishek.balaji thanks for your input. BUT Issue here is not about #trickle charging, issue is when ever I start a ride with in .2 km 1% drop in battery usage ans after .8 km 1% drop in battery usage which make it 2% battery usage with in first 1 km range. this I have noticed even while the Premium Electric Scooter is not on charge or / 100% charged.

hope you won’t call this as trickle discharging

I hope you had a chance to read this post. It explains in detail a phenomenon called voltage bounce back.

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Its highest mileage of my 450x…