Theft/Tow Detection

Is sentry mode possible(when the onboard detect motion of vehicle when is turned off and sound an alarm with the speakers and have a notification sent to the user)? I’m requesting this cause in Bangalore people tow vehicles even though there isn’t a no parking zone or any inconvenience to anyone. Or is it atleast possible to have live tracking even after the vehicle is turned off(not shutdown obviously).


I think Live tracking should work now now also…

I think it was simple to Tesla Sentry mode request.

Anyways, two camera in front and back of the vehicle would be real nice to have for ride safety as well as while we are far from bike, we can keep an eye on our bike.

With the recent incidents like Disha I feel we need some kind of security response system like adding a Panic button on our vehicle.

It can be helpful with both personal attacks while riding and vehicle theft.


Very recently in BTM, I witnessed a Honda Dio get stolen from someone. There was nothing much the guy could do instead of shouting at the top of his voice. I tried to follow the robbers, but in no time he got into the ring road and I missed the sight of them.
We Ather owners should not be in the same fate. I felt we need a remote disengage functionality.
Cloud scooter will be complete then.


At least we can track it on the app.
I wonder if ather can access the location if the key is turned off. If we report it as stolen


I guess till now no one has reported an Ather being stolen.

Yes, we can. But in such scenarios why should we even let the thieves take the vehicle.

I make it a point to use the kill switch as soon as I get off the scooter or just stop. So if someone tries to steal my scooter. There’s a good probability they’re not used to having a kill switch on a scooter.
I know it’s stupid but might just work at times.


OTA request- Could we have an instantaneous efficiency display. Little more accurate than the red Halo?(while riding)
If not that, at least can we have the efficiency of the trip to be displayed next to the distance for the trip while riding and not only when we come to a stop? It helps monitor consumption. Stopping to see how my efficiency is, is a little hard (not to mention resetting your trip meter for every trip so that you can see the efficiency for that particular trip/day)


yes, this can be really helpful. But, as it’s possible for Ather to implement, it’s a good to have safety feature !

a regen indication would be helpful.

  • if regen acts by just pressing it (not press and hold) and stop when we accelerate

i think current operation is making my right forearm strong :yum:


Dear Team,
Small suggestion from my side is camera at front and rear, which is capable for recording last 10 /15 mins of ride.
With the help of gyroscope you guys can easily detect the fall of scooter and can upload those last 2 -3 mins to your cloud. It will be very helpful for hit and run cases to identify the vehicle, Identify the traffic violations etc.

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Hey @abhishek.balaji Had a question, if we’re not on a particular plan. Not even the basic connectivity plan, our app isn’t connected to the scooter, but the scooter still shows that th sim is connected to th network. Now my question is, in case my scooter gets stolen or towed, is it possible to request ather to track it? Or is it necessary to be on a ather plan to be able to request ather to track my scooter in times of a theft.


Moved this to the right thread, I know you asked this in the owners meet, but we couldn’t get to answering it. I’m compiling the questions and responses here and will address this as well. But broadly, all smart and connected features will be available only if you take at least the Ather Connect plan.


@abhishek.balaji @tarun Wanted to know one thing about Theft / Tow Detection . If I switch off my vehicle , will the message/notification come to my phone in case of theft or towing . If not please look into this issue and try to make it possible sir . Such that even if I shutdown my vehicle GPS system should be active

@abhishek.balaji ji . I have heard yesterday that for 450 the theft or tow detection is not possible . Please make it possible. Such that we can also get updates on it .

I would like to suggest one thing , we can better update the software of 450x to 450 vehicles such that bluetooth connectivity is possible and also such theft/tow detection is also possible.

Requesting @atherenergy , @abhishek.balaji, @tarun @atherspace.bglr to look into this idea of mine.

It’s is possible because Ather over engineered the 450. The 450 has a sensor suite that will allow the vehicle to detect a change in angle (tow). If I remember right, @chaitanya.hegde alluded to this during the Sept Owners meet.

450 cannot be updated with the 450x software due to hardware limitations. They both operate on different software platforms and the 450 does not have Bluetooth hardware.


Closing this since Theft and Tow detection has been rolled out as an OTA update