OTA Wants - Feature requests

I didn’t even know the mirror could be tilted up and down, i though only in and out are possible.
At this point i am not sure if my bike mirrors has problem or if it’s too tight.

I’ll update the status once checking the mirrors after couple of hours !

I didn’t know about this until a few weeks back.
Even after that I’m unable to get a good view.

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Mirror are something that’s bothering me as well
Had near misses so many times on outer ring road
With no options went for blind spot mirror which as increased the viewing angle more and i feel much safer now

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Thanks for the info, now it feels ok but still nowhere near perfect.

Visibility improved from 10% to 50% !


Yes, same thing for me. I have been adjusting it from past 1 month. It is visible but not very convenient.

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What say about a side stand sensor on the scooter??
It can sense whether the side stand is pulled up or not

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Definitely can’t be an OTA since there is no sensor for that today.

This was brought up a year ago and Ather told us that they couldn’t source a reliable sensor for this.

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There are sensors available in market

Yes but this thread is about OTA updates

Also ather said they weren’t able to source a reliable sensor for the 450.

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looking at this, i think ather should unlock the 83% cap for regen to be in action.
@Ather.Team please have a look at this


They need to first change the Regen settings. The amount that it reproduces. It wouldn’t really matter much if they open the cap is 83.

yes, @Ather.Team should consider strong regen, or even custom regen settings. This is very much needed

I feel that regen plays a major role in the overall lifetime of the scooter with respect to it’s range and the battery. Since regenerative braking is an electronically controlled mechanism, it should offer more customisability to the users.

Some of the possible settings would be to have either strong regen or normal regen. Strong regen would be defined as the scooter regenerating as soon as you let go of the throttle without the need to twist the throttle in the opposite direction, while the latter could be similar to the setup we already have going.

Alongside this, an active regen indicator (maybe showing a green glow instead of the red glow when regenerating) would be a requirement as currently, the amount regenerated cannot be quantified and thus, we can’t exactly project how useful regen braking in the real world is.


Very True,
I am completely disappointed with the nil Regen in Ather presently !!

They should provide user to control the Regen settings in % like the Ultraviolette F77 controls.
With proper strong regen setting feature in future,
we can avoid most of the braking in traffic as have longer range on travel especially in roads full of traffic.


This is probably the reason stronger regen has bot been introduced yet, to judge the stopping distance using regen will be a learned art, it will lead to accidents i feel. At the end of the day, having an option to increase the regen percentage after knowing the risks would definitely be welcome.


Hey @Ather.Team. A small bit of information that is missing from our dashboard. Which can be updated as a monthly thing ( maybe through the usage report) or as a constant thing on the dashboard.

Revolt gets a SoH state of health of the battery. Seems to be really helpful to maintain good battery usage habits.
Do look into it since Revolt is able to do it, I wonder if its not doable by our own Ather.


Always ON regen will act as an equivalent of Engine resistance we have in ICE vehicle.

in ICE vehicle lower the gear higher the resistance … similarly
in E-Vehicles higher regen higher resistance

it might output in the equivalent experience of ICE when driving E-vehicle

what say @Ather.Team @abhishek.balaji :wink:

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I’d rather not have a higher regen if it means it will be like the engine resistance in ICE vehicles. I’d prefer coasting around freely.

Twisting the throttle in the opposite direction could have a stronger regen though.

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