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If auto unlock is an option that can be enabled, be great if the user can set a cut off via app or dashboard- eg unlock at 60% charge or range = 35kms. Each user may not need 80% or more every time. For eg, I may be looking to get enough charge to just get home and finish charging there.


mechanical unlock already exists, it is not something new to be added.

Maybe the person can enter his mobile number while pressing the contact owner button, and the owner gets the mobile number and calls back the person. Better yet, the person can input mobile number and Ather customer care or software can initiate a conference call to owner and the caller.


Getting an alert though the app is probably the most non-intrusive and privacy conscious option I feel, as the community grows, passing on personal mobile numbers to everyone is not such a great idea. The app alert option serves the purpose, only catch is network connectivity.


I know they exist, its just that, a software update is easier and fail-safe compared to mechanical parts in long run.

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oh! looks like I didn’t make it clear.
The charger unlock function requires that owner to return put his key and turn it ON before the next user can plug his scooter for charging. I was referring to this being automatic after the cut off. The mechanical cut off is not for charging I was referring to release of charge handle so that next user in the Q can charge their flight.

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Doesn’t work when the vehicle is turned off

Oh okay… So you mean to say if the vehicle is turned OFF (not shut down) and getting transported thru another vehicle, we cant track the location thru Ather App… Is that correct?


I didn’t know… I thought periodic sync still happens about charge and location…

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No. Sync happens only when the dashboard is powered on. Remember our Chennai trip? The bikes were offline for the entire night and only got updated when the Ather team plugged in chargers.


Yup, I remember now. Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is already reported above. The dashboard should display the odometer and trip details even when the vehicle is in motion.

Agree. Isn’t the trip detail displayed now? however I agree that Odo isn’t.

Similarly, SoC is not displayed when using navigation…

hey, it is there… I do see it below remaining Km symbol, however font is small

Ohh… Thanks for letting me know @rajeshkav. Was it added during recent update? Probably, I did not notice…

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The dashboard displays the current ride. It’s good to have Trip[A/B] details along with odometer details.

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