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Calm, I’ve seen this particular location on my phone too. Sometimes when th internet is damn lo it shows this location. It’s happened when it was parked in a basement once and once when I gave it for service. :sweat_smile:

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What about ride statistics then!?

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@dr.rakshithgt the pin at Anil Kumble Circle is a location that we all know since long now. Earlier it used to be near Lalbagh. It’s a location which comes up before the correct location is updated. Moreover Anil Kumble circle is more than 5 kms from IBC. So you can ignore that if you ask me.

The ride statistics part…Ather has a Proto Lab near Jedi Mara signal (Just begind Vega city mall). I don’t know what is the issue with your scooter but it may have gone there. It is around 5kms from IBC.

Ather Energy Proto Lab 7th Cross Rd, Industrial Area, Stage 2, BTM Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076 080 3951 3589

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Yes I had dropped it there (Proto Lab) myself since the customer support executive had told me to drop it there instead of IBC since I had issues with my screen which is mentioned in above post and didn’t want my vehicle to be picked up by service team from my home!

I was little concerned when I saw it there but am releived after getting to know that it was a known thing due to GPS error during service! And one last thing which I forgot to mention is that I saw many (more than 4) prototypes of Ather450’s which were camouflaged and were in bits and pieces lying in the proto lab!

These were the same vehicles used by Ather (@tarun and @swapniljain) for testing and demonstration purposes in their Chennai IIT premises!! Felt happy to see those prototypes and also felt proud that I ride one of those in full glory!!

Thank you for your patience @hemanth.anand

Keep up the good work Ather Team!! RGT


Any prototypes with a completely diff design from the 450?? :open_mouth:

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I think that may be this type …

No they were almost similar to the final product design and were tested extensively before being finalized…!

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Have any of you had problem with side stand? or did you notice anything wrong with your side stand?

My side stand does not flush with the floor board side body panel (see pics).

is it because of excessive weight of the vehicle on the side stand for prolonged period and the lean angle that we come across such an issue?

when the side stand is not engaged and when i am riding, if i look down the side stand is clearly offset from the body panel and even when i apply slight force it does not move back/inside.

@abhishek.balaji I feel the side stand mechanics has to be readjusted again to make it flush with the panel.

Did we get a user manual for 450? i dont remember receiving anything during delivery. Ather should provide all of us with user manuals for all exterior/moving components on know how and DIY adjustments.

What will you do if your head light does not turn on? or belt is off the wheel hub? or need to change the wheels/tyres or brakes not working?

Has Ather or you (Ather owner) given a thought on these niggles/issues? without moving the vehicle into service centre all the time?

This is not normal, looks like spring tension has become weak. Please report the same to CS or mention this point in your next service.

User manual can be found here in this link

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I think all scooters have their side stand like that. At least mine is like this too. Haven’t faced any issue with it other than it just being a cosmetic issue.

I don’t think I’ve gotten a user manual for any scooter I’ve bought till now :sweat_smile: and most of the time the only thing we can do is to just restart the scooter soft or hard reset. Other than these 2 things. You’re better offer an ather technician looking at it rather than us fiddling with the wiring and electronics.

:flushed: I’m sure this won’t happen unless the belt is grossly mis-tensioned. Even if it does I don’t think there’s anything we can do or we should be doing and a technician needs to do it, because we dont know the ideal tension of the belt.

I’d actually like to know this too ather recommends we call them for everything , but yes, it would be really good if they had a guide for this. And I think ather really wants to make the user experience matter, and so any issues they just want us to call them and let them completely handle it.

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Well, if you have Ather One plan you can call the CC everytime and for no reason too. we can even get the vehicle picked up for inspection. what if you dont want to subscribe to any of the plans?

Won’t it become a costly affair with Ather :joy:?

Thank you Rajesh for sharing the user manual.

yes this is very helpful for the new owners, i mean for all owners who own 450.

Go green is good by not printing the manual booklet :smiley:, but my question is why wasn’t it shared while i took the delivery of the 450? Ather could have sent the pdf to my mail when i purchased my 450. Ather executives also did not mention about the manual although they explained all the features (i mean not all, but most of the features) during delivery.

Isn’t this available on your Ather app on phone? I believe the link to the vehicle manual has always been provided on the Support tab.

Actually, not mine. It sits much more snugly in the provided space in my Ather…

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Hope you are aware that the manual could be accessible through your mobile App

Go to App->Support->Vehicle Manual

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I got a printed booklet as a manual. 3months later it was redundant since Ather released an OTA to add guide me home lamps. Then even more redundant when the ECO mode was released :slight_smile:

But yeah, we asked for a service manual for some basic maintenance some time back.

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Definitely not how it’s supposed to be. Mine sits flush with the body panel even after 1 year and 8 months now. Last 6 -7 months it’s almost completely parked!

Not sure when the hard copy was stopped but as @Raghav told, with the amount of OTAs, it’ll become useless after a while. A service manual isn’t available yet and it would be good if Ather can provide that.

Created a feature request for the same here…you can vote up

Below is a picture of the user manual that I had got with the scooter.

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Are you sure? every bike i bought till now (except Ather) I have received hardcopy manual booklet. I guess its the law with the transportation dept. or Motor vehicle act.

I have got my vehicle on June 2019 and I haven’t got hard copy. I always referred the pdf. I never realised that hard copy was even being given.

16.10.20 i gave portable charger which not working. they checked and told it is working. they assured if not working in your house will come to your house and fix the problem. now it is working. thanks for service team response.