THE SERVICE SAGA - 2 years of Ather 450

Today I have finally realised I owned the Ather for 2 years, So here is my ownership review I’ll break down all the services that I remember. All the good ones and the bad ones. Chronologically.

In owning the scooter in the 15 days I was flying, I literally mean Flying, I was in a WhatsApp group where they were having an extremely lengthy discussion of who gets the highest range and I was like Nevermind. This was the first encounter of trouble I had, the port did not allow to charger to fit in so-called in the CC they told me to shut down and restart, I was like this is so basic and that was a solution. From my end, I learnt this will be always a basic troubleshoot. Too bad Ather does not give you troubleshoot manual.

After the Update in owing the scooter for a month, I think it was 4.1.0 or something which came with the software lag which they eventually had to stop rolling out because it caused the scooter to brick. Thank god mine didn’t. But ran into the INFAMOUS motor error M017, Happened right when I was climbing a Flyover in Royapuram in Chennai. I wondered if the motor had stopped and the vehicle coming from behind ran over me. So the dashboard instructed me to wait and turn off the motor and start again (absolutely useless). it happened plenty of times. so booked a service and sent my scooter into a pickup. It came back the next day and the service advisor told me that it’s a Factory mistake they placed the sensor at the wrong place :ok_man: . and for me, it never came back (I know why not because of what he said).

and BANG a stupid minibus driver rear-ended me causing me to slip and fall right next to a traffic cop. the damage Rear taillight 3.5k rear grab handle - 800 and entire left side, and the insurance paid only 80% 4k I had to put from my pocket. Ather really appreciated in this case they took all the liberty and made a good insurance case even though I bought the insurance from HDFC Ergo.

2 months went by and I was extremely happy maybe because I was frustrated with my 9-year-old Activa. But this thing zooms in traffic like butter and people often try to catch up only on the signal they would and ask me, dude this scooter is sick, how much, and end up with an astonishing face Tamil word avlova (this much). And I zoom past them again. But now the scooter is not the same. I’ll explain in the end.

Then Happens the COVID lockdown in March 2020 putting the scooter for rest for almost 4 months ( lockdown and family tragedy) and starting the rides again, but schools are still closed and scooter rides went from 2000km to a month(yup 100km every single day) to 50 km a month, I usually avoided going out but somehow reached the 5K service schedule and booked a service. It went smoothly.

Rest in next post, my fingers are hurting


The SAGA continues, Part - 2

So after a month my 450 comes and was all good and life coming back to normal me and my friend went to dinner at a nice place while on the way I heard a loud boom and suddenly the entire scooter started shaking and initially I thought puncture but also thought a belt slip but none, one of my friends who runs car mechanical shop told me that it might be small debris which caught up in the teeth of the rear sprocket and might have left, Details over Here. Booked service and they were not able to detect the issue, and the scooter returned, guess we will never know.

And they screwed up the ride, they tighten the fork nut too much, which resulted in the front handle locking up and I told them, but instead of listening to me they did everything opposite, they changed the front wheel bearings tried to put a spare rim of their’s, the advisor did not want to listen at all but after a bit, the service technician went against the advisor and did exactly what I told and that literally solved the issue, Loosening the fork nut. My thoughts please listen to what your customers say, instead of going through the BOOK.

now after a month, something weird is happening, the scooter lost its alignment? I’ll explain, The front wheel and the rear wheel both should be in a straight line, but mine feels weird as if the rear wheel is somewhat at an angle, if you take a turn at over 40km/hr the rear tyre would feel like slipping booked a pickup and they said it might be a bearing issue, which in fact they changed, issue not resolved.

So once again I sent the scooter to them, this time they changed the fork bushing and dammit they tightened the fork nut, image why I mean why? it went again to service and the issue is still not solved till date.

now comes something I appreciate after sitting for a long time I had no use of the Portable charger, but sitting inside the bag it caught one of the edges and the main AC cable cut itself discussed Here. Thanks to the Team they changed it maybe because I posted in the forum? maybe or maybe not. But still, I appreciate it.

Now comes the 10k service which will happen this month, I’ll update in the next post. Currently, I’m facing at least 10 different problems,

  1. The front handlebar is hard (fork nut overtighten)
  2. AS soon as you brake and try to ride again the front wheel wobbles
  3. the charge port is acting weird, each time I have to shut down and restart to actually detect the charger.
  4. front suspension is weird the left side is higher than the right side(how on the earth is that possible)
  5. the rear suspension is killing my back it’s hard and at the same time it’s bouncy
  6. the belt needs to go they make a huge noise
  7. the saree guard is hanging and does not stay fit, the hole has enlarged itself?
  8. extremely noisy up 25km, if they say it’s normal I’m gonna freak out it wasn’t normal when I bought it
  9. the left mirror has started to lose its housing again(replaced 2 times)
  10. the lower panel is cracked thanks to the useless accessories (black footrest) that cracked it, needs changing, Damm I’ll have to pay.

Update in the next post after the 10k service is over


Feels like the rear tire is made of banana peels instead of rubber? Recently began on my scooter too, and it’s done just over 3k km. I’m told that the rubber bushes in the hub probably need replacement.

In addition, the front suspension now clunks when going through a pothole or a furrow like the ones they leave after digging up roads for underground work and forgetting to level it properly.


Wheel slip happened to me also. But it was because of low pressure :joy:

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Bro, after reading your post I was just wondering did u buy Ather or Just problems from Ather… Sorry to know that you have gone through so many problems. Lol after reading ur post, now I’m getting scared what and all problems my Ather will come up with!!


The concept is not bad, nor is the product, but these goofy things happen all the time in every company from Tata to Honda. Let me tell you a small incident, In 2009 I bought Activa New Model NM for short, As soon as I bought I noticed the wheel and the handlebar is not in Alignment, you have to keep the handlebar slightly right for the scooter to go straight, Next day I and my friend visited the showroom and shown the problem, And they said to wait till the first service, they will not open the scooter till that.

Shocked and astonished I raised my voice saying how is the new product not even 100km ridden is this bad? a service person came and acknowledged the problem, and took the scooter in only to beat the crap out on the wheel from the left side and given me back. when I asked them this is not how you solve the issue, he said this is how we do the job like it or leave it. Lesson learnt never buy their crappy product. Ather is far better in those terms. I later learnt there was a manufacturing defect discussed in Team-BHP and many customers got the upper handle bar replaced.

Yes, I would Describe this in those exact words.


The rear wheel isn’t staying in line with the front, and the hub bush is the most likely cause.

I still haven’t found the time to work on the scooter peacefully, but if and when I do, I’ll replace that bush and update.


I’m thinking to get a nitrox rear suspension this suspension is killing my back so far I have bought and returned pulsar ns200 mono shock, only to find that is slightly larger in size else it would have been the perfect replacement. If you find out any compatible part please let me know


Hey, I have an Ather 450 which has approximately done 21.1 k kilometers in 33 months. I do not want to comment about the experience but I like the good old days when Ather used to immediately attend and resolve customers’ issues. I have taken my 450 on the lease (i have an own 450X) I have taken the 36 months lease option and I’m in the 33rd month now. I wanted to know the drawbacks if I returned the scooter to autovert in this or the following month (before the 26th month) but there is no means to contact autovert pvt ltd. I 've tried mailing them and their customer care number seems to be switched off or unresponsive. It would be really helpful if @abhishek.balaji or @tarun can help me out in reaching Autovert guys.

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450 is actually is a good product, my suggestion is to keep the scooter and pay the final amount, which I think will save you a subsidy


True, I too felt that 450 meets the basic requirements unless one is obsessive about warp mode, extra power and bluetooth. However its perception and preferences of the individuals.

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Bro, your horror story till 5000 kms has scared me now as my Ather 450x is about to be delivered next week. Please add some good 2-3 lines about 450x for me to feel somewhat comfortable.


The “Puncture Assist” feature. (with 10k service)

Have you ever gone in for puncture assist? My advice, don’t because it’s not what you think it is. So yesterday my scooter had a nail in it and in the early morning I has to drop my kid at school but with a rear tyre puncture it’s not going anywhere, Never the less I keep my 13-year-old activa at hand at all times, with quick 100 kicks it was ALIVE, and I went to drop my kid.

Came back and pushed the scooter to a nearby tyre repair shop and he put those UNRELIABLE string patches and I thought it was fixed so later that day I went to pick my kid and damm it was punctured again, those strings did not work only to find that those strings where no longer in the tyre itself. so here I go again, pushed to with slight acceleration to another shop and he did the same at the same puncture. and I went to the school went in grabbed the kid and came out “for god sake” the rear tyre was again punctured.

Had no choice but to call in the Road Side Assist(RSA). and give them my location to pick up the scooter so I can get back home, This was the first time I called them so they had to register everything. They seem like a tie-up with Ather and not run by Ather itself. I thought they would patch me up pay them and I’ll be on my way, but after calling them they said only Ather can fix it up and not them. So I went in with them thinking they will fix it up and I’ll be on my way. But nope, they don’t have the tyre repairing equipment and said to me I’ll have to drop/leave the scooter there and they will call later.

So later that day technician called and asked what was the problem, I explained it to them and he said just puncture, and I said yes, he said your 10k service is due should I do that too, and I explicitly told him no, the for service I’ll send it on Monday as I got work Thursday and I need my scooter back and do a mushroom plug patch (these ones are extremely reliable), so later he called again scooter can be put on deck only tomorrow. and I need to wait, man if I didn’t have my spare ICE scooter I would have been doomed. my kid’s exams are due and this is a letdown.

The next day the tyre is removed and I get a call saying he has removed the tyre and I need to pay the shop for the Mushroom puncture patch 300, so I paid him and was expecting a call back in the later afternoon for the scooter delivery. No one called. so I called the number and he didn’t pick up.

Later in the evening, I get a call that the 10k service is done and the scooter is ready for delivery, I was shocked wait what??? how did you do the 10k service when I haven’t even told you what the complaints were? And it turns out they have read my posts and all the complaints I’ve written here were sorted out. and I was happy, so Mondays work can be done.

Here is the comfortable news for you, Now the scooter has completed the 10k service in which 8306 Rs worth of parts are replaced free of cost with a service plan and warranty, I just paid them 300 for puncture only. They replaced front fork balls, all the rusted screws, rear mono-shock, Secondary belt. and all the 10k service.

Now the scooter feels like brand new, no wobbling no shaking, it turns like an absolute race scooter.

Some points for Ather though

Please change the puncture assist from your service provider to yourself, and keep some 10 front and back spare wheel rims for these assists. Once if anyone calls for puncture assist, ask them which spare they need and replace the spare on the spot, ask them to ride as usual. Now repair the tyre, get paid and return it back to the customer. This is the most efficient way of doing this job. saves time a lot.


Yeah thanks bro, soon I would get my hands on scooter, wheeee times ahead !!! I have already started with a plan to lay cable from my meter to socket where bike gonna be parked. Hope 1.5 sq mm, 3 core wire is sufficient for an Input current of 3.5 Amps as per their input specification.

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I got my rear shock replaced and it seems to have corrected the issue, it could be your issue also, my scooter feels extra grippy to the road now.


Your scooter at least lasted close to 10k before springing these issues. Mine has barely done 2.5k. I don’t trust the company enough at this point to leave my scooter with them. When I find some time, I’ll try to understand how it’s put together and fix / improve upon it.