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Yes ,even iam waiting for the test rides ,riding reviews, the auto journalists told that both simple and ola are planning to give their scooters for reviews in September (probably around September 20th), so waiting :slightly_smiling_face:


If the company is really existing they will make a few…until then its not right to call for bookings.

Ahem, quite an interesting way to address the other people on Ather Forum. Almost as if you see yourself and @rk5644 as somehow being on the other side compared to everyone else. Oh wait.

But having said that, I don’t think things are that Simple (pun here just occurring to me). For starters, apparently “both” of you seem to very often come online and go offline at around the same time, from what I have observed. Probably just a crazy coincidence.



Actually we r close friends. We have booked both simple and ola, it hurts when someone talks negatively about the product which we been following more than 1 year, so thats why we have been supporting the product In ather forum, just like you guys have put or going to put your hard earned money for ather, you guys support ur vehicle, no doubt ather is best elec scooter as of now,i know Simple has made blunders, but we have to wait for some months to get a clear picture, its a start up guys, they need time, thats what i have been telling ,and thats why we joined this forum, hope we have cleared about ourselves!


a…ha…! Look at Ganga whoz completely turned to chandramukhi…


First of all this forum is not to support a particular brand or against any brand. This forum is to share, discuss and understand regarding EVs. Have healthy meaningful discussions & feedbacks even if they are not good experiences.

Joining this forum just to support and SIMPLY SUPPORTING SIMPLE IS NOT SO SIMPLE. SO SIMPLY STOP THIS. No offence but you cannot promot another brand here. Discussions are different this is different.

Just to give an example @blackworks he many times give his bad experience and negative feedback for his Software experience but at the sametime he also gave possitive feedback on performance of the vehicle, and he most of the times did these comment with a propper data backing. even @hemanth.anand @raghav.srinivasan gave their negative feedbacks on ather even I give those feedbacks but we do it if there is a proper reason and not simply post something to support someone blindly nor promoting Ather.


iam not promoting bro, my moto is to tell u guys that wait for some time, and if the product is not close to specs after testing it, do comment , discuss , criticize… …

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You know, I don’t think we should engage on this topic anymore here since we are digressing from the main theme of this thread (yes, I know I too am guilty of doing this), so apologies to everyone.

But just to close on it, let me please guide your attention from your response above to this one earlier response by @rk5644 and request you (both?) to be aware of some things:

Anyone with even a bare minimum knowledge of stylometry can identify more than a dozen red flags to indicate that they were written by the same person:

  • The continuous writing that is completely devoid of all punctuations except commas even when you are connecting two separate sentences that ideally need full stops in between (both of your whole posts sometimes are one long sentence merged with commas) which BTW on a different note reminds me of the writing style of one other personality like in here and here
  • The way independent clauses are placed and the style / voice of writing
  • The cyclical peculiar positioning of punctuations between words like word , word and word ,word and word,word and word(word and word?word used alike in your answers…
  • Recurring issue with cases; of course, most people get this wrong, but both of you seems to use them wrongly in the exact same ways which is unlikely when two different people write (P.S.: I won’t point out the actual error because that will ensure you watch out for this in future, so don’t want to give you this luxury :wink: But anyone who knows what I am saying will be able to locate it).

There are a few more that I think I will refrain from listing just to not give you both and @kumarb9oo (yeah, it is obvious that account too is from the same source) a heads up. But you get my point. So please, stop maybe? :slight_smile:

Or maybe you all had the same English teacher at school?


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Dear members. Everyone of you have put forth your points and thanks for the discussion. However discussions are now deviating from the topic without adding much value. Request everyone to exercise restraint. The discussions can resume once there are any updates. Thanks for understanding


Well, this is really going out of hand . We who have pre booked are from the same college, I don’t know why you are relating this to the CEO, We are the one who have pre booked, I’m saying it again, we are not associated with simple. All those phrases, writing style blah blah phrases I didn’t get that, Do you think a company which is yet to prove themselves will have time to comment here? This is really insane man!

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The more delay SIMPLE will make in revealing things, the more numbers of such videos will come. I don’t understand, what made them rush and launch in so hurry, when they are not at all ready. God save this startup, launch hone ke pahle hi itna trust issues aa gaya… long way to go !!


no big revelations but some extra info

sorry but they are still stuck with ‘coming soon’ in lot of areas (which is ok for me as they are new) nevertheless some new information, which i have noted

•There might be separate charger for portable battery which has to be bought separately (a portable 750W charger is provided by default for charging vehicle directly - for both batteries)

•Proprietary plug connecter at the moment

•2 separate BMS for 2 batteries

•48V battery

•Fast charger optional (3.3kW fast charger) – so it might take 2hrs

•Power-train, battery packs and controllers are in house.

•Ip67 battery (no mention of motor rating)

•1-2% battery degradation in 2 years (my view it will be lot higher - may be close to 10% as there is no active cooling - we cannot expect in 2 wheeler)

•CBS (combined breaking system) is available as per interview – but I didn’t see it on the scooter in all the videos which I saw

•No side foot rest


And the co-founder says the ground clearance is 160mm( which is adequate).But still the vehicle appears to be or almost touching the track while cornering in the riding video of a youtube channel. or it might be because of the more bending or lean angle.

Nailed it Man ! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

The visor thing I’ve to check for My vehicle :anguished:


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Does simple energy have a forum like this?!


Still no… U have to wait another few days .