Simple Energy One

New startup from Bangalore


sounds too good to be true.


Possible exaggeration of claims. Core team from Ather and other competitors !! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Theoretically possible to achieve all the claims, but doubtful at the price…

they could be cutting cost on screen, smartness, software, overall experience…

This features are totally unrealistic

  1. Price: 4.2 kw battery means double the capacity of ather. Means battery only will be costing around 1 lakh.

  2. Range : max it can give 200 km range with this battery capacity. Assuming ather power.

  3. Battery weight: 6 kg seriously??? One more false claim.

  4. Charging time : all we know faster we charge, shorter the lifespan of battery.

  5. Speed: claimed pickup is more than 200 cc bike.

If these features provide in 1.5 lakh. People will forget ICE bike


0% to 50% charge in 20 minutes? I call bluff!

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Battery Price - I think approximate consumer price is around 15k per Kw or less. So, it should be 60k… Article mentioned 10 year contract with Panasonic will get them lower price… So we can assume they should be able to get < 50k if not even cheaper.

Charging - Fast charging will degrade the life. But that is where technology moves… and consumers are accepting it too. See all the phones and laptops… Focus is on reducing the weight, increasing the speed of charging without much heat…

Yeah, life of vehicle is much more than that of laptops and phones. But, faster charging will be the norm… Even 450x focuses on faster charging.

Btw, this could all be wrong, bluff, may not come out at all… but we dont get anything by thinking that way :smiley:



  • The Mark 2 electric scooter from Simple Energy looks very futuristic.
  • The Mark 2 offers a range of over 280km.
  • Simple Energy claims a top speed of 103kmph for the Mark 2 electric scooter.

More details @


You Should wait for the mark 2 and then decide form 450x .and then buy

Might be better option to 450x buyers

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If it is anywhere around 1.1 L and it meets all the claims then for sure it is a better buy than the 450x.


If claims are true book pre-order…

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These claims maybe fake and just to collect Pre-order amounts from public and escape later…be careful in payments before taking its Test ride practically.

  • Range: 280+ km
  • Charging time: 40 minutes at home and 17 minutes at a charging station
  • Top speed: 103 kmph and 0-50 in 3.1 seconds
  • Dashboard: 7inch touch display IP67 rating with 4G connectivity
  • Battery Type: li-ion and removable lightweight battery
  • The product will be sold between 1,00,000- 1,10,000
  • 80-90 % of the scooter is made & developed in India

If some unknown Chinese company can build Lithium NCM battery cell with 3.7v 144ah or 530WH capacity at USD150 weighing only 2.8kg, then cells used by Simple Mark 2 from Japan could have exceeded the cell capacity several times. China company link :

Using smaller multiple 18650 or 21700 actually eats up lot of space, especially in two wheelers we have limited space. So it is better to use prismatic cells. Tesla’s Shanghai Giga is using CATL’s LFP prismatic for China build Teslas compared to 21700 usage in US build Tesla.

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You can’t say it’s better for certain, because cylindrical cells have better heat dissipation because there is space between the cells. This has lesser chances of over heating in high performance conditions where the cells are under heavy load. Also tesla hasn’t wasted much space at all, they’ve made a very optimal cooling System for the cells in the space between the cells. Also there is one more advantage of using 100s of cells(ather) and 1000s of cells(tesla), that is that each cell is a small percentage of the whole battery. So even if one or two cells go bad, the whole capacity won’t be affected as much and the vehicle can still maintain most of it’s range. But in a prismatic battery each cell is a large portion of the battery, so if a single cell goes bad it will have huge impact on the capacity of the entire battery. Both these reasons will lead to longevity of the battery you can use it for a longer time before you have to replace it. All this comes at a loss of some space and range. Both have some advantages and disadvantages.

Also this battery you mentioned is less than 200 wh/kg and 300 usd per kwh which is heavier and more expensive than tesla current batteries at 250 wh/kg and 130 usd per kwh.


My 2017 build 14s 52v 42ah ~ 2184Wh Li ion pack was using the Japan cells in this link. These cells are 2016 Japan build.

Battery pack weight came~9kg with dimension 240X160X130mm.

I built the pack for my ebike project. While using 52v 6 Amp charger the pack got full charged less than 4 hours. But I charge only 80% and once in 2 month do full charge.

Since large cells have large surface contacts between conductive surfaces cells don’t get heated up.

We are in 2020 and Japanese would have developed much better cells.

I had an eye on this LG 3.7v 60ah cell. I didn’t try LG as I faced cell bloating once with a LG cells.

I will certainly try this big bear 200Ah 3.7v CATL for my future project.


HI , this scooter Enargy Mark 2 available OR Not in Andhra Pradesh


It’s not launching until next year Feb, that too in Bangalore first.

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BMS tested on 15, 000 Kms. That is quite low compared to Ather’s pre launch testing (I believe it was in lakhs).