Road Side Assistance & Ather One

Today I was going thru the Ather Subscription FAQ and Pay-Per-Service for people who do not have Ather One subscription.

As per Ather One plan, it says Road side assistance included. Nowhere it is mentioned that it is chargeable.

Pay Per Service sheet (which is non subscribers) says 1800. Can @Ather.Team confirm if Road side assistance is free or not?

Because when I contacted for RSA (I had Ather One) I was informed about 1800 charges. I thought 1800 for 1.5 kms was expensive and did not use the service. In fact I was disappointed that this was hidden and not transparent.



this confirms that it is bundled

not sure why they have asked for 1800!

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Yeah I emphasized that I had Ather one. They told me that they help me in getting RSA but chargeable…

I was puzzled and that was not right time to investigate. I thought I might have misunderstood…

Because I was explaining to so many people that Ather one is a bundle with zero charge for anything.


Thanks @prasathvishnu for taking this question. I was planned to ask same today.

Road side assistance is part of Ather one subscription plan which was told by tarun.

But I have seen 3 senerios

  • Road side assistance - For towing charged out vehicle for 1.5KM (nearest next Ather grid point) for rs - 1800 was asked to owner.

  • Road side assistance - To provide portable charger to charge dryed out vehicle RS 400 was asked to owner.

  • When I requested for replacing damaged part with new one. Along with parts charge, labour charges was included even though I am Ather one subscriber.

@Shreyas, can you please clarify what is road side assistance and what are applicable charges???

And what are free services offered in Ather one and what are others chargable in Ather one subscription plan???

To have clarity for everyone.


@santosh.rism I missed to ask the 3rd question about labour charge@200 per hour for Ather One subscribers. Thanks for bringing that :slight_smile:

I mean if the ‘One’ plan is selective then it is better to pay per service.

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just spoke to CS

was trying to understand the logic why u have been informed that u will be charged!

asper discussion

for EX: if RSA is due to some breakdown like any vehicle part or component is broken down and not functioning as it suppose to and you ring RSA, the service is free as it is their product fault which is causing you to use RSA service

but if the same thing was intentional

Ex: u have a charge of 25km range and u didn’t plan well and you decided to a round trip of 30km, they will have the soc data and they take a call that this is known to customer hence will charge…

though above is not a confirmed scenario - just to make us understand the logic

but when asked for more logic based explanation/scenarios he advised that this is still under construction… and will communicate with accurate info/guidelines once he have confirmation from head of service team, our friend Pradeep

lets wait for the same

dont worry, this is just one off and luckily you have less distance to cover.

but lets break this up now, so that we are aware of what to expect…


RSA for your mistake of not planning your trip properly? Nah. Why would they give such a service for free? Why have they installed grids all over the city then?

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Rarely people are going to use dry up their vehicle just because RSA is available. RSA is almost always unexpected and unplanned. We would not like to keep ourselves stranded just because we have RSA plan :smiley:

It is like because I have insurance, I will get myself admitted for no reason :slight_smile:

However some rules to avoid abuse is good. It should be reasonable.


hey buddy

do u mind sharing the scenario u had
which made u to approach rsa

also did u think of asking help on forum! though not ideal but wanted to know

Hi Abhishek…

It happened for me last month… which I shared in one of the forum posts… Later I checked the FAQ to see if really RSA was free or not and I could not find any such terms of charges.

After hearing the labor charges for @santosh.rism I revisited this and posted it here to get clarity…

To summarise on what happened then:
Plan was to go to Kengeri - Magadi Road - Kengeri with full charge. As per the ride statistics I easily had 10 km buffer and was confident of reaching. But due to inclination the charge was not sufficient. Final 2.5 kms, I dropped the pillion and drove alone. When 1.6 km left for the grid point, the charge was zero.

So I had called RSA to check if they can help me in taking the vehicle to nearest grid (1.6 km away). They told it will take around 30-45 minutes and I will be charged 1800. I informed them about Ather one subscription. But I was clarified that RSA is chargeable and only assistance is a part of the plan.

Surprised and disappointed. But didn’t want to waste time arguing there. So pushed the vehicle to the grid.

In this episode (which cud have happened to anyone), if Ather blames the user for not planning correctly, then excuse me. It will be a lame excuse from Ather for denying the service.

If you claim insurance for accident, if the insurance provider rejects the claim because you did not drive properly, then no need to think of insurance much. :slight_smile:



hope ather gets back on this soon…

On pushing the vehicle…was forward park assist working even after battery fully drained out

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Raghav, while I appreciate Road Side Assistance which Ather gave you, may I request you enlighten the rest of the forum members on what went wrong? It might be useful for others I believe.

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So, i had the most craziest experience ever on a vehicle, any vehicle.

I was driving to work Monday morning when a blind, reckless car almost cut me off, and in a fit of rage i honked at him. A little longer than usual, just to show i am pissed.
i let go of the horn button, but still here the annoying loud shrill of the hirn. Tap it a few more times thinking its stuck. Nope - it refuses to turn off.

I hit the kill switch and turn off the motor, but nothing happens. The dash is still working and the horn is still shrieking. I quickly try to initiate a shutdown and see the notification to switch off and remove the key. I do that, but nothing happens. I think may be i can drive down to the factory (2km away) but the motor would not start now.

so here i was in Whitefield, in front of a hospital, stranded with an extremely loud horn shrieking non stop. As the last option, i call the Roadside assistance number and it gets answered almost immediately. Lohith picks up and within a few secs into the conversation he understands that the bike is non responsive and there is nothing that i can do at that point. He quickly figures out that the fastest way to help me is to dispatch a team from the factory so they can atleast turn off the horn. its still 9:30am and he dropped off to find the right set of guys who can help me.

By now, there is a crowd of taxi drivers who are inspecting the vehicle and giving me all their unwanted advise. one guy reaches into the wheel arch and i politely pull him back and ask the group to back off as this is not a normal bike. By now Lohith calls me back and tells me Mr Satish from the factory while be there in a couple of minutes.

10mins pass and i call back Lohith wanting to know where the team was, just then i spot an 450 with red plates. i wave them to my spot. The pillion literally jumps of his bike and runs to my 450 trying to figure out the dash options. Absolutely nothing works!. Satish and the other guy quickly pull out screw drivers and start removing the plastic panel exposing the charging unit and the horn assembly. He quickly inplugs the horn wire and finally there is relief to our ears!

Satish, it turns is a QA manager at the factory. They push the bike into my office parking lot and give me a lift to my office. I get a call from Lohith that the tow truck would be sent in some time. Around afternoon the tow truck comes in a takes my bike away for diagnosis.

I asked lohith to keep the bike for the rest of the week since i was travelling wouldn’t be available to pick it up. Sometime in the week they call me back to tell me that it could have been some sort of overload but they are unable to replicate it in the service centre. I was assured that it would not pop-up again. So far, I’ve not seen a repeat of that issue.

Long story short, i was one of the reasons for the June OTA that brought out some stability related patches. (Not officially confirmed though!).

One thing though, i did not lose my patience at any point of time. I knew i could trust these guys to turn up and help me out - and they did!


Interesting story :slight_smile:

I also had the same horn problem… But luckily for me it was just a horn switch… So in a minute, I could get the horn switch fixed by a force pull… But that 1 minute was enough to get enough crowd towards me for the loud sound :slight_smile:

Later Ather team replaced the horn switch… :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing the first story. Hope 2nd and 3rd are on the way :slight_smile:


Guys, my humble suggestion:

Let us not mix up the confidence factor about Ather with problems reported / faced… All of us have confidence about Ather . That is why we are part of pre-order customers :slight_smile:


Absolutely. I did not write about this earlier since some folks would start panicking and coming to unnecessary conclusions.

They are not perfect and don’t claim to be either, but they are aiming very high in quality of both product and service.


For a damage repair ather servicemen came on scooty to ride it back. What if my wheel was locked or something. Please use tempo to pickup vehicles dear @Ather.Team. i do not expect premium brands to act as local tapriwallah repair guys. My ride had low charge so i asked them to charge it from a public charger, hopefully that makes them consider a tempo next time

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