Road Side Assistance & Ather One

If the vehicle is in working condition they will send out a rider to pick it up. I’ve had them drop my bike off and they were very careful to not exceed 35-40kmph (yes I tracked them on the app).

Doesn’t make sense to send out a truck when the vehicle can be safely driven to the service centre.


They came in TVS Scooty?!!! That’s strange. They come in An Ather. There were 2 instances where they picked up my scooter. Both times they checked and confirmed with me if the vehicle was in riding condition. Then they asked me to keep it charged and two guys came in an Ather and took my scooter.
Forget Ather, all my cars (Maruti, Volkswagen, Tata, Fiat, Mahindra) are picked up in the same way. As long as it is in driveable/rideable condition, I’m ok with this approach. However
the driving/riding style of the pickup guy is something that I worry about and it’s always a relief when the vehicle reaches the service centre safely.


They came in Ather only, noone confirmed if vehicle is driveable. Also cars are different, a two wheeler is a much higher human liability if any untoward event happens. If i drop im fine…this midline makes me nervous

The Ather service team also uses Bounce/Vogo for pickup drop


I wanted to revisit if Ather plan to answer this question anytime? This question was asked multiple times.

  1. First time when I faced this issue.
  2. A month later as a follow up by this post.
  3. Asked this question just before 3rd owners meet. It was one of the most voted (liked) questions during 3rd Owners meet, but was still not answered in the presentation.

Apologies if it was answered officially by Ather and I still missed it.

Hey @prasathvishnu

This seems to have been addressed in the FAQs: Is road side assistance free if I run out of charge?

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Thanks Abhishek… but that answer was from fellow Ather owner.

With all due respect to the knowledgeable owners, I am sure you will agree that requires clarification / explanation from official source… Right from the preorder days we all have been hearing that Ather One is a single subscription which provides everything including Roadside Assistance…

Nowhere it was mentioned about when it cant be availed and * conditions apply.


It is disappointing to hear about hidden charges. I was under the belief RSA under Ather One plan includes free assistance for all scenarios. I wish I had known this before ordering my vehicle, I would have had second thoughts.

That’s fair, and thanks for pointing this out! I’ve checked with the team and summarizing RSA terms here.

When RSA will not be charged:

in the event of a vehicle break down due to an issue with the vehicle, will be available at no additional cost to those who are covered by Ather One or Ather Service. Additionally, roadside assistance will be provided to Ather One or Ather Service customers to fix a punctured tyre, although the cost of fixing the puncture including labor charges will have to be borne by the customer.

When RSA would be charged:

In scenarios such as the vehicle running out of charge or suffering damages due to the user’s negligence would be chargeable even for those who are covered by Ather One or Ather Service.

These terms are available in your buyer’s agreement and we’ll be adding this to the FAQs soon.


This clarity is bit hazy. What is the advantage of calling RSA then? For preempting one other question which will naturally pop-up, please indicate the cost for fixing the puncture and labour charge.

Shouldn’t this point be moved under ‘Charged’ category? :wink:


The cost of fixing a puncture through RSA would be Rs. 150.

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Here is a suggestion, because the algorithm predicting range can differ based on inclination, load and other factors. The predicted mileage would differ from start of the ride to an end of ride, for example

If my ride was of 45 KM’s and i was riding in sport mode and went over 5 flyovers or under pass and had heavy traffic, can Ather predict or guarantee that the range of 45 KMS would be achievable in sportsmode ?

In the following scenario wouldn’t it be prudent that the RSA includes support for 2 or 3 times an year for covering such scenario’s . This would cover most unforseen circumstances and also allow the company to control undue advantage taken of the system


In this short video of the Chennai Launch, Tarun talks about RSA being bundled into Ather One plan. He also talks about service charges of ICE vehicles lacking in transparency. What an Irony!


First of all, thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Disappointed to know that RSA wont be available when vehicle runs out of charge. No one would run out of charge just because RSA is free.

Because this is EV, unlike ICU you can’t even get petrol in a container and refill on rare cases you run out of charge.

Take my case. I planned it with 10 km buffer. But in the end because of elevation I was short of 1.5 km.

Do you call this as negligence?

Point is simple: This can happen genuinely and RSA should include this also. To avoid abuse, as @sreedotk pointed, you can reduce the number of instances to 3 per year.


Excellent points. However, my family and I want a hassle free ownership experience… anyone shouldn’t need to keep count and remember how many times RSA has been used or not, when stranded in the middle of the road.

That’s reasonable. I thought it would puncture my wallet. :sweat_smile: Good pricing.


I also find “suffering damages due to the user’s negligence” part of this bit vague. I hope it to be covered in FAQs with some scenarios.

Feedback taken, will share an update soon.

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@abhishek.balaji Y dont you add similar kind of mobile charging unit in RSA or in any plans.


Just learnt today while taking delivery of the ather that, tire puncture is not part of roadside assistance. It was disappointing to hear that. Anyone have the same thoughts? I still think that’s the most occurring roadside issue and needs to be taken care as part of ather subscriptions that we pay yearly. That doesn’t need ather trained people, they can have separate repairmen handle these calls.