Riding Ather 450 from Bangalore to Kochi

Why don’t you visit the mysore temporary ather set up. They’ll let you charge for sure ! They’ll probably even have a strip down fast charger that you could use. It’s in Hinkal


Oh…I didn’t knew there was one…do you know where it is…let me call customer care


Call this number. Not ather customer care


Charging at TATA URS Charging station after discussing with manager.

Blinking red once in a while. Showed C004 error once and re started. Anyway it’s charging now.

Need to charge enough to reach Ather temporary charging


Is the error still persistent? If yes, then only charge till you can reach the Ather’s temporary charging point.

Nope after hard restart it’s charging now…but slow…will charge for 15% and head to Ather charging


The Ather location will most likely have the DC charger - ergo - expect to wait for an hour more than your AC charger.

An hour lesser I suppose.

Maddur to Mysore completely drained the battery? Or you took some detours? :joy: The ather location must be just 7-8Km right? So you don’t have to charge for too long. Didn’t think you’d run into such issues so early on in Mysore itself. Plus there are a few ather owners in Mysore. Could have maped their chargers or used their V2 chargers too.

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Ya there where many options😀…but I was confident that I can charge at my friend’s place… everything is checked there…so I reached at 8km range left…there it didn’t work…then on searching a 5 km radius nothing worked…at last ended up at 0% in Tata…now got to wait till 15% to start motor to reach ather point…all set waiting for getting 15%…taking more than an hour for some reason…

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I meant the new portable charger/DOT that takes longer for 100%

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So a quick question, recently I took delivery of Series1, I was advised by sales team during delivery process that we should avoid frequent fast charging at grid to save the over all battery life. Then how can we charge (fast charging) somany times on long trips. Am I missing something?

We’ll he’s not fast charging. He’s chsrgung with the same charger all of us get

Ah! I assumed they’d have a strip down Fast charger like you guys had in Chennai launch event.

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Finally :sweat:

I don’t think I will be able to complete the trip with 1st gen charger…it was showing red in Ather point itself…

@abhishek.balaji I regret that I didn’t took your offer to take the community charger…was thinking how will I return it as my trip is one way…


Didn’t they have fast charger!!! This is surprising because the test rides are on they should have had one for them at least this is a surprise but something is better than nothing. :+1:

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There are ather owners in Mysore. Maybe you can borrow it now and courier it back to them. If they are willing to. Or maybe ather can lend you one from the temp ather site.

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If your 450 goes to 0% and have abrupt shutdown then it will usually take 30 to 40 mins to reach 1% for 1.5 gen ather. Had experienced so many times. Now a days my 450 shows 4% and next second abrupt shutdown of all lights and display everything and after a minute display will turn on and show 0% charge

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That is weird… Has not happened to me… And I have hit 0 to 2% a couple of times atleast smoothly. 1st Gen, not 1.5 though.

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Thanks @abhishek.balaji for arranging a 1.5 gen charger for me as a backup.

Will try to replan my trip a bit to reach Cochin by 12th…as the Kochi Experience Center Lauch is happening on the day.

Will be little tight in scheduling but let me try. If charging goes fine I think I can make it.


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