Display Battery State of Health %

i didn’t want to bring this up in forum until i have some confirmation from Ather (now it looks like some athers are behaving the same way)

i have sent an email with detailed list of concerns i had on my Flight (as i haven’t driven it for more than a year)

so i took couple of long rides on airport road and noted some issues.

one among that is this weird battery shutdown issue which i faced on my flight every time it comes down below 5-7%. I have given it for service last Friday and i was provided with a loaner.

yesterday i have been to maddur (to meet George and FCR guy).

i have started with 80% from Royal Airavath grid point in bangalore.

i was about to reach FCR maddur where i need to take u turn at that point i saw there is 10% charge left - all of a sudden bike shuts-down as if it is unplugged, i started pushign the vehicle towards the restaurant (about 300m), while i was pushing the vehicle i was attempting to restart the vehicle.

i did turn the key on and off, after i pushed it for about 250m and i almost reached the gate, display showed up and battery % is ZERO ‘0’ !!!..

at this point i was not so surprised, but i felt little happy (sick minded) as the behavior is similar to my flight.

i plugged it and it took long time to start charging.

today morning i reported the same calling customer care…

also informed that same behavior is reported on my email on feb-28th

appears the guy is real busy and he said backend team will look into it and get back to you (i made sure he understood the issue, but i know little he could do - hope they will be able to figure out whats wrong)


I’ve seen similar behaviour in phones and laptops with degrading battery health. Specifically remember my tiny Acer laptop that was not used for a while, was turned on and charged, stopped working at a similarly low %%. Rest history. Not to give you a scare, but you might want to check that.


my flight was not completely left without being used(my dad is using for groceries and milk - may be a km/day)

but i used to clock lot more km’s until dec’19

hope its not so serious issue - i shall wait for Ather response

You’re right. I’ve noticed this too, in degraded batteries. But that’s when the health drops to like under 80% and happens with much smaller batteries. It almost seems like at 4/5% the scooter actually doesn’t have any juice. But the BMS thinks theres 4%. @Abhishek your scooter is at about ? 25k Km right, on this battery.

@HarshaVardhan how many Km have you clocked ? And how long have you owned your scooter ?


This is why SoH% is an important parameter that should be made available for all users - either in the app or the vehicle dash.


If not any of these. At our scheduled regular service at least. 🤦 Or on the monthly report. I’d subscribe to Connect pro just for that.


Maybe that would increase the anxiety ??

But yes , that’s definitely a needed feature

From now on ABRUPT SHUTDOWN means when dashboard soc is between 10% to 1% and full power cut off to lights, horn, indicators, display and automatic restarting of display with 0% charge and 0 kms.

My odo is at 11k+

Started seeing shutdowns after 8k kms. Before that my 450 used to ride till 0% and if at 5% it shows 3 kms then it would go more than 3 kms. With restricted acceleration and top speed reducing to 15kmph, 10kmph and 5kmph till 1% and finally complete stop at 0% but lights, display, indicators and horn everything work even at 0%

But now it shows 5% 3kms but it will not go even for 500 meters.

My observations is that if you are using sport and depleted most of the full battery and with full throttle use the last 20% then this will happen soon like when soc is at 6% or 5%. If you use only half acceleration below 20% and coast for a while completely realising accelerator then abrupt shutdown happens at 2% or 1%

@abhishek.balaji also faced abrupt shutdown. He shared his experience in some post.

@gklc811 has faced abrupt shutdown at higher soc like 8 or 9%. He have clocked 24k kms

@Suraj_madhu as you mentioned in telegram group now a days many 450 have speedometer lag also if i accelerate and break. Even after complete stop for 1 or 2 seconds the speed keeps increases and goes back to zero.

Unless this is a software issue, the SoH% could be estimated with the numbers, given the stats and riding can be standardized with previous experience and buffer sizes are known.

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I think we need to create new feature request to increase no of votes and use one vote on it :joy:

Also if there is an option to sort all the feature request on the number of votes forum users can see what other owners have voted the most

Don’t know the reason. What your odo? Many other 450 owners have faced Abrupt shutdown. My 450 charged only using fast charger from nov19 till mar20. Mar20 to jun20 not used. From june20 till now mar21 using dot home charger. I had to go from 100% to 0% many times when going long. These may or may not be the reason as other 450 owners also complain about this issue. Its better to ignore any charge left below 20% and plan to recharge when it hits 20%

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Could be that your battery is more degraded than mine. Mine has run 10k Km but my chargung cycle is 99% of the time from 30% to max 90% I rarely charge over 90% and only once did I go to 4% and I’ve gone to 15% maybe 3 times. So my battery health might just be a tad better. I never overnight charge. The first. 5k Km I did. But after that I haven’t.

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Is it so hard for Ather to give option to users to get Real-time range and display SoC health like it can be enabled only after selecting in settings menu. Instead of displaying on dashboard so that range anxiety can be avoided for those who are new to EV. Even ev cars display Real-time range/battery consumption instead of this pre fixed range which doesn’t make any sense at all.


also this can be some cell imbalance issue as well,

as the BMS wouldn’t let a cell go too low on voltage and shuts down - though there is enough charge in other cells.

but again why it should show 0% is a bigger question?

can’t wait to hear from Ather to get some knowledge what exactly is the reason


How do we can check health of te Ather batteries?