Riding Ather 450 from Bangalore to Kochi

I will do it next time…In am in connectivity lite subscription…so not getting the ride log in mobile…in system until the existing subscription expires it’s not allowing to.upgrade to pro…have raised a ticket to get it done from backend…

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Ya me neither that’s why I keep resetting my trib B meter between charges and rides. To monitor my efficiency. You could do that too.
Also what’s the tyre pressure you’re maintaining?

George, could you also post the locations where you stop for breaks/charging etc?


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Fish Curry and Rice restaurant is the one every one suggested …I tried melt in cafe as I had to charge my laptop for work as well… laptop charged but ather didn’t…:grin:…(1st gen charger)

Will go to Madur and charge in Fish Curry and Rice once my work is finished…


Tyre pressure: 30-30

Wow. Do you really need to be riding so efficient and so slow? I’m sure you can cruise at 40-45kmph and make it to Maddur, charge and then to mysore.

You could try overinflating the rear tyre just a little to increase efficiency. So you don’t have to creep along at under 30kmph on the highway.


Reached FCR🤓

The place is wrongly marked in Ather map (4km wrong!)

Charging…all good.


I have taken a different route through villages till bidadi …so total 96km it took to reach FCR


Oops, just 3 km range left when you reached FCR. Range Anxiety must be very high !

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I think a lot of us would love to see this route if in case your Google maps app has plotted your route through location.

Sure…it’s a scenic route…I will share in the evening

Little bit…only when I was not finding the place when I reached as per Ather map…then I put Google maps and reached the correct location


Starting back again from FCR

Had a long chat with @Abhishek, thanks for coming. Thanks for the pakoda :grin:


I had expected @Abhishek there. Wish you both a nice journey.


Reached friend’s place in Mysore


Might seem a bit risky, but maybe try filling your tyres to 32, 32, front and back. This might help with better efficiency, but you might have to be really careful while riding. If I remember correctly, the recommended pressure with pillion is 32 for back. So the front tyre should be able to handle the extra pressure too since it’s the same.

Nevertheless, don’t want you risking anything unless you’re confident. Have a safe trip! Please continue posting pictures!


From Bangalore city this can be a scenic one charge round trip, even the routes in between are nice to explore


:heart_eyes: Wow! Keep posting more of the pics! It is lovely to see you taking the ride on the 450… After you finish your ride, please do share the challenges you faced, especially with charging.


Good Morning :sunrise_over_mountains:

Today I will have to start late as the charging at my friend’s place is not happening…

I have corrected the L-N polarity, checked the grounding, voltage looks bright in the 60W bulb…but still red in the charger…

So will wait for Tata charging station to open …then charge and go is the plan B.