Regenerative Braking Tips!

Coasting = Kinetic energy losing out to friction Regen* = Kinetic energy turning to electric energy (from motor) to chemical energy (in the cells) Braking = Coasting + regen + friction from disk brakes

Enough science for today. Next class, tomorrow.

Applying brakes already introduce regen by Ather software.

*Regen happens only when battery is some 85% or so, because of science…


Then what is the purpose of appying throttle in opposite direction ?. Which one produce more regen power ?

Why not talk about super caps ? It’s fentastic idea to charge and discharge superfast , <100W energy from regen for almost million times. Better suit for indian traffic roads. So it gives additional 20 - 30 % range is in it ?

I already talked too much about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is regen braking. It tries to recharge the cells. But then if you brake, it is disc + regen when applicable so that braking is effective.


What if Scooter is at 80km/hr and instead of throttle in the opposite direction - I left accelerator completely? Will regen work?


no it doesn’t

Its better to give customer choice for regenerative braking high and low. While de acceleration direct regeneration needs to be start without brakes. If applying brakes can drop the speed of scooter immediately.
I attached Jaguar iPace videos.

Give low power mode its needful, if some one wants to achieve distance more than range.

You can adjust brightness of cluster in low power mode. No auto brightness sensor

In daylight you can off head lights also, already DRL running on handle bars.

Need auto headlight to reduce power consumption. In daytime no use of headlight.


You already have an ECO mode. Anything slower than that will be a disservice to the “Performance Scooter” tag.

Those pilot lamps do not comply with DRL requirements, which is why AHO is there in the 450 platform. Besides, the led lamps draw significantly less power and won’t add to any substantial range increase.

For cars in stop and go traffic- YES. For bikes and scooters that can cruise through the gaps - the current setup to manually trigger regen is more suitable.


However for long continuous downhill journey its tiring to keep on pushing the throttle to -ve side.


You don’t have to. You get enough power back bh just coasting downhill. :blush:

Its Difficult for long continuous stiff slopes to keep throttle at 5 deg in reverse direction. Instead it should work - when I leave throttle completely !

or else second scenario could be - I’m at certain (above 30-40kmph) speed - I left throttle completely - regen should work without applying beaks


It could be great when regenerative indication enabled in dashboard when we reverse throttle/apply brakes.

I expect this could come in next update,


This is much awaited feature. Also it is better to add indication of the cumulative of regeneration gained

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