Refund delays/issues - Temporary thread for quick resolutions

Refunds have been a part of Ather due to our historical long waiting times. As much as we hate to let someone go, we value that person’s experience as much as we do of our owners. A few of you have shared feedback that our refund process is not the smoothest. The cases are genuine and this is not the experience we would want to give to any customer. We’re going to fix it. But before that, some background on why it’s messed up

As we scaled up to multiple cities, we moved the ownership of our pre-orders/bookings from a single team to multiple stakeholders across geographies. For these cancellations, we didn’t design the process of collating information and reconciliation well enough. At scale, it broke.

Over the next few weeks, we will remove bottlenecks, move the accountability to a single touchpoint and hence hopefully have better tracking of cancellation requests. A few more months and this should be an option on our website while we manage all the hassle in the background and improve SLAs.

Until then, if your refund has been delayed, please post your order ID and the date you requested for it on this thread and we’ll ensure that you get a proper update and your refund too.


Order # 68619 timeline provided

4th April: Called Ather to request cancellation but told that since all orders have been handed over to Kochi dealership I would have to approach them for cancellation and Ather head office cannot do anything about it 5th April: Managed to talk to Kochi dealership after multiple tries to request cancellation. Sent email with account details requesting cancellation. Nothing was done 20th April: Approached Ather head office again to request order # 68619 cancellation, which they processed under reference number FD128685. 28th April: Called to check on status of cancellation and was asked if I have shared by account details, something which was not asked at all so far by the Ather head office. Not sure what was being done with the previous request if Ather did not have account details. Requested an email from Ather requesting the same so I can track it.

I get that you want to prevent a cancellation as much as possible but to make me run in circles for about a month is highly uncalled for. If people can book a scooter online themselves it should be just as easy to cancel an order. This is coming from a person who was invited for a mock handing over at the Kochi dealership, called for the photo shoot and reached the point of cancellation due to the treatment received. Can we just cancel the order?

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Capt John… what do you mean by mock photo ??

Hey, as I understand, the team has reached out to get your details, and your refund would be processed tomorrow. The team will share an update when it’s done.

Vehicle Order # 29029 Name: Quraish Umrethi Payment date: 28-Jan-2020, 12:18 PM

No Refund and No Reply…

Also Pre-order amount for one vehicle that I purchased (Order ID 20881) has not been fully adjusted against my invoice and that has not been refunded either

Wait, don’t you own an Ather already? This refund would be for those who have cancelled their booking/pre-order.

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No use tried everything, Ather just does bot havr any response. I too waited for a year but didnt get the delivery so cancelled by booking in february this year, #ather hasnt refunded my upfront payment made for booking, too poor customer care, too poor relationship managers.

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Dear ather this is not done, how many peoples refund have you not yet issued including mine.

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Will get this escalated, can you share your order ID and the date you requested the refund on?


We were going to buy 3 Ather scooters

But after seeing the service, response, After sales and No regards for commitments from the 1st one we decided to cancel the remaining 2 bookings and look for alternatives

Order ID : 20881 - Purchased (but pre booking amount not adjusted in the payment made by BU Bhandari)

Order ID : 29029 - Need Refund

Order ID : 29036 - Need Refund

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Which variant you have ordered? Series 1 or normal 450x?

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Hi sir, biggest fan of Ather 450 X series 1. My booking id is 93428 . please provide me the series 1 vehicle if any cancellation is done. Please please :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Sir, any series 1 vehicles is on the list of cancellations?

Both were Series 1

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You can contact Experiance center they will help you to allot one if anything available . Many people get series 1 from this chennal.

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@abhishek.balaji Still waiting for the pre-booking amount to be refunded/adjusted due to the delivery team messing up the order and asking me to pay in full during delivery. Received the flight in Feb, all the local team does is procrastinate and speculate. Please refund the 2500/- I paid for pre-booking back in 2020.

Order# 25726 - Pre order amount refund

Hope this is the right thread…

Anyone got the refund of the new FAME II subsidy yet?

I also sent a mail to care team the before yesterday asking to cancel my installation as I got it done from my electrican and provide refund including the fame 2 additional refund, haven’t received any response yet… So just checking if anyone else received any update or refund from team?

There is no “refund” for FAME2. If your order was eligible then the invoice will reflect the updated FAME2 subsidy.

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Raghav, I ordered in May and made full payment of the vehcile of the old value, then revised fame subsidy came in with 14500 more savings which I’m supposed to get refund of :slight_smile: that’s what I was checking. I did get a call before delivery that one team will contact and take my account details to refund the additional 14.5 so I was just checking if anyone else got it or they are same boat as me