Refund delays/issues - Temporary thread for quick resolutions

Well waiting for my ather to get delivered hopefully by 13,14th july 2021 ( i asked ather only for temporary registration) order no : 104570

I am a doctor from UDUPI (KA20) who is a technology lover ,

Looking at the refund stories, people being angry with red eyes , i feel ATHER is younger brother of ROLLS ROYCE. :blush:

( it feels royal, its like people come to ATHER for its uniqueness , and not ATHER goes to people for selling their products )

I 100% agree with @abhishek.balaji that lockdown due to COVID 19 pandemic has hit hard

A) for those who pre booked the vehicle during or before lockdown days…. ( i agree :point_up: those angry people have all their own genuine reasons for their anger ).

B) ATHER team itself , we cant expect ather employees work at manufacturing units / showrooms while we are safely working from home ( well not in my case) during lockdown days .

:smiley: cancellation of pre order? :joy::joy::joy:

we can try :crazy_face::crazy_face: this trick / blackmail on other conventional scooter companies and not on ATHER , (as i said ATHER didnt come to us asking to buy their product)

And just look at me

I am taking all the risk of buying ATHER and taking it to UDUPI /MANGALORE .

  1. risk of transportation
  2. risk of not having service centre ( nearest is 380km away)
  3. risk of going bangalore , staying in hotel for 3 nights for delivery and shipping of my ATHER 450x
  4. risk of taking scooter to ather for every breakdown / usual periodic service etc .

Hey do we get free service in 1st year ???

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I think we will have to subscribe for service packages for and breakdown calls or periodic service,

But if at all vehicle fails to function normally it covers under warranty. Which is for 3 years

But advised to buy a service plan for keeping your vehicle healthy


Igot an email from Ather asking to fill the details on a form for refund of fame 2 initiative discount.

Let’s see how long it takes.

My order id - 101437 Requested for cancelation on this date - 10th of July 21

But I didn’t got any response