Switching to an Ather scooter is now ₹14,500 more affordable!

Hey folks!

We’re excited to share that you can now own an Ather 450X or 450 Plus at INR 14,500 lower! Last week brought in some amazing news for EVs in India and we would like to confirm that the FAME 2 incentive scheme now offers 50% more subsidy for the Ather 450X and Plus.

This is fantastic news for the EV industry in India, now that the long-term ownership savings of an EV are much more apparent with the additional incentives.

What does this mean?

  • The on-road price for both the 450X and 450 Plus will be lower by INR 14,500, in line with the new FAME incentive rates, across India.
  • There would be a slight reduction in the insurance premium as well, due to the change in the on-road price.
  • We have paused invoicing the vehicles while we update our systems, to ensure as many of you can get the additional incentive applicable.

How does this impact you?

Update: Dates for #1 have been updated to 1 April from 11 May earlier.

  1. If your Ather 450X or Plus has been invoiced between 1 April - 11 June, and your registration process has not yet started due to the lockdowns, we’ll be reissuing your invoices, so you get the benefits of the new incentive scheme.
  2. As per the new FAME regulations by the Government, the additional incentive would be available to vehicles registered on or after 11 June 2021.

We know you have a whole bunch of questions, and we’ll clarify them over the next few days. We’re awaiting confirmation on the final subsidy amount, as well as updated insurance rates from our partners, and will share an update with all of you in the next few days.

This is a great time to remind your friends/family who might have missed this announcement, to go electric, at a lower upfront cost!

If your registration is already initiated

We understand that for some of you the registration process would have been initiated before June 11th and hence won’t be eligible for this new benefit. This announcement was a surprise and its timing completely unexpected.

Our team has been in touch with the authorities at the Department of Heavy Industries (DHI) to get exceptional approval but they are not willing to accommodate this request. This is way beyond our control. As a gesture for our owners who are impacted by this, we are offering Ather Connect Pro subscription complimentary for a year.