Pass through lights using indicator switch

Hello @Ather.Team @abhishek.balaji and owners,

I am sure that this point has been addressed but not sure if it has been agreed.
How about the indicator off switch be used for pass functionality. I personally use pass very much in my current scooter.
I have also read in the manual that the indicator off switch is already being used for some other functionality as a combination of buttons, i guess to activate assist.

It can work as indicator off while indicator is turned on and a pass switch otherwise.
Can this be implemented in coming OTAs, it’s very useful for a lot of us …

Any thoughts, thank you


I was hoping for a pass light switch in 450X.
This is the only alternate to honking horns and guys who are switching to ather from Bikes would be accustomed to using Pass light.
Would be great if it is already in work… Thanks!


Absolutely, when i had a chance to drive 450 in community ride. I was missing tge same…
Add pass switch


Is it not there?

Currently no

@Abhishek.balaji, adding to above pmsm-regen question, any hope in adding the below feature?


A very minor thing, but in that case then they’ll need to change shortcuts like Park Assist since they depend on the indicator switch center press to activate (brake + indicator center press + ignition). Other than that, I don’t see any reason why the pass feature can’t be implemented this way! :slight_smile:

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If the high beam is hardwired to the switch, we cannot get this.

Many of us consider pass switch as a safety and utility feature. Its high time Ather implements it on existing 450s, 450s to be delivered and on 450Xs. Until Ather implements the feature, I am planning to fix an LED torchlight above the headlight of my new Ather that is coming up for delivery.


Just curious, how do you plan to make it work like a paas light?

Hi @Ather.Team,

I had a thought about all available switch gear on the 450. And the only idle switch while riding is the mode switcher (when throttle is not released). Hi difficult is it to implement passing feature by toggling the mode switch with throttle on?

Even indicator switch should work perfect as it was just discussed somewhere in this thread.

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No, I think keeping the pass switch on the left side of handle bar would keep it more intuitive.

That’s right, because we are used to the pass light on the left. But if providing a pass light from indicator switch is difficult, then maybe mode switch is the other option.

Right, but what if you want to pass light when you’re stationary? With the throttle at its resting position? Or what if you are coasting with throttle at 0 and want to use the pass switch with the mode switch?