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Call the cc team. They can authenticate in an hour.


Yep I did bro waiting for a callback…

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Charging now :smile::+1:

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My first ride from space to home :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congrats on the new flight!

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Anty theft alarm is not there with Ather seems

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You are having harley ah

Today I was about to get skid 2 times. I have applied left break when I was in a straight line and speed was around 40 kmph(1) and around 50 kmph(2), both the times rear wheel started skidding.

Is it because of the CBS or tires.

Any pro tip to handle this situation would really help. Because, sudden panic will lead to applying more pressure on break and locking up.


I have noticed many sharing about the lock up due to sudden breaking. Hence I’m curious to know what to do at this point.

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I use avenger and it tends to skid on sudden braking because of brakes locking up. So I brake the way braking happens in an ABS braking scenario. I apply brake then release and brake again repeatedly and I start braking well ahead. But in sudden scenario it is not going to help out. I guess it might be because of new brakes. Try to be little cautious bro. And in bangalore drivers are mad. They rush in suddenly when ever necessary. So stay safe bro.

This helps a lot! Even my wego (dumb drum brakes) work well with this. Stops quicker with min skids, but requires training, esp during panic.

When I got to know it’s skidding, second time I managed as you suggested above, break - release - break to avoid locking up and it really helped me control the situation.

Adding to what others have pointed out, you’ll get used to it soon. Remember to apply both brakes at the same time. Coming from a regular ICE scooter, where the weight distribution is towards one side, you’d have got used to applying one of the brakes more to avoid skidding in that.

The 450 has powerful disc brakes, and a good center of gravity and weight distribution. After riding for sometime, you’ll get used to it. :slight_smile:


Yes, after the 1st skid, I have started managing such situations :blush:.

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Not sure you can really do an ABS manually. Its easier to go easy on the brakes and only go full jam in case of emergency

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Sure, I’m going easy on the breaks already after few inputs and experience and handling critical breaking like break - release - break instead of complete breaking.

Never a good idea to full jam the breaks in emergency. That is a basic mistake. ABS was developed to overcome this natural reaction of users (plus other reasons to make all the tyres move individually and appropriately based on the turn). In the absence of ABS, we should do break-release-break as suggested by @toraghavan09 and @govindrover. I read somewhere that expert test drivers used to consistently beat the ABS in its initial days and that data is used to improve the ABS.


Jamming the brakes means coming to a stop asap without skidding (can be done). This is one of the tests that is done when you actually get a license in the UK.