On Road Experience

yes especially once outside temp is around 30C.

It has happened to me when ambient temp was 18°C :upside_down_face:
@abhishek.balaji could this be fixed with an ota?

Today I almost did a burnout (and was about to fall) while taking a right turn on a slope(about 15° gradient).
A vehicle in front of me slowed down and so did I but before I stop completely he made the turn, I dint want to stop so I followed him. As I had slowed to about 5kmh and had to rise a little more than necessary (being on the incline) the rear tyre spun about 3-4 times faster than the front. I immediately pulled the handlebar to the left while taking the right turn and that saved me and the 450.
Lesson: don’t rev an electric while taking a turn no matter what :crazy_face:


Is this due to software bug?

Nope, this was because of the tyre. If it was the Michelin wouldn’t have happened as it has better road grip in turns specifically(unlike the MRF ones, not that they’re terrible though).

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At the road signal, if some one ask me the cost of Ather, how much should I say ?

1.13 (+cost of DOT ) / 1.49 / 1.59 / 99K


Just say, “goththilla”.

Infact, I experience this (people asking this question) even after 5 years of my Vespa-LX125. I am at times really scared to park in slightly desolate stretches. I am sure Ather owners would be scared too.


How can I say " gottilla" when am riding one.

It happened with me 2 - 3 times recently and I couldn’t tell them the cost but I said for how much I bought one.

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It depends on how they ask me the question, If it’s only “Yest aythu?” i tell them the price.
If they ask “Yest aguthe?” i tell them “Price change agthairuthe Sir, website check madkolli”

Few people come upto me and say other things which annoys mem. Things like… “Range ilwanthe or tumba costly anthe” i reply “nimugidhu sigolla bidi, model stop agtha idhe swalpa dinadalli” :smiley:


I have reading posts on the following.

  1. Rear wheel locking up at times.
  2. Freezing up of display.
  3. Motor shuts off all of a sudden.
  4. BMS issues at shut down when SOC is more than 60%.

Under what conditions is the rear wheel locking up? Those who experienced this, kindly throw light.

Freezing up of display. Is it a matter of concern that one should not use the bike while in motion. Can the bike still be started when one finds that the screen is frozen right at the start of a day?

Motor shuts off all of a sudden. This is a dangerous situation. Lets understand under what conditions this is happening. What’s Ather’s take on this?

BMS issue: As I read from message from Mr. Abhishek Balaji, Ather is working on it. But we need a permanent fix.

If Ather could come out with a concrete fix for the above, it would be great for the rider, for the product and Ather as well.

All these pertain to 450 only.

Coming to a must have feature, Ather sadly misses on a side step/foot rest on the left for one sided seating by ladies wearing saree. The situation of having need to ride with pillion seated on one side may arise at any point of time. Are there any after-market fitments available at least?

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The rear wheel will lock up in case of emergency braking, since it’s a single pot disc brake it’s is pretty common,
freezing of display can be solved by soft restart, press both brake levers and start button for 5-7 seconds and it’s reboot
motor shuts of all of a sudden is NOT common many users have faced it in 4.1.1 update but i think it got resolved in 4.1.2 update,
Abhishek Balaji have answered this question on another post BMS shutdown got solved in Ather 1.5 version for any other problem your Scooter is in warranty and Ather will replace the damaged part in the said period

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Thanks for the clarifications. It helped me.

I think I will design a side step and foot rest and fix it. :slight_smile:

Ather will provide screen guard(with lots of bubbles and lines) during service. Only thing is, you need to remind them else they forgot. For me they provided in second on-demand service.

Today given a lift to painter , he asked the normal question of vehicle & never asked about price at all
the question he put on me really surprised me
why there no solar panels in vehicle ? so you get power and charged when vehicle is on stand by

Efficiency of solar panel is very low In world max efficiency is 21% so its not possible to mount solar panel on vehicle. If the percentage goes around 80 to 90 percent then we can mount. Now its not possible.Then you get max power in small area. Now you require large area for small power

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You can definitely put panels on the vehicle. But it will not improve your range by much as the efficiency is low and it would be much faster to just charge the vehicle through regular means.
Note: Tesla cyber truck will have an option to put solar panels on it. But it will only generate 15 miles per day( Total range of the truck is around 500 miles)… So it’s not much… But it will certainly help a little.

Putting it on two wheeler will not help

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I was talking about vehicle in general not specifically 2 wheeler.

Adding solar panels would increase the total price of the vehicle and electric vehicles already bearing such high initial investment would end up getting even more unaffordable and thus drives out the adoption of EVs.

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