On Road Experience

Hello Ather gang

i have done little-long ride today

headed towards Nandi hills (it was just a reference point for me… the whole idea is just too check the range)


before i switch on the vehicle got a doubt

i know that was silly enough

let’s get on to the trip

so rules set -

1.no hard acceleration

  • i stick to it all the time

2.speed should be more than more than 30 and less than 35
-well this was the hard part… as it is hard to keep eye on the screen al the time so just adjusted to control accelerator instead after few kms…
but am sure i stayed with in limits most of the time (there were instances where speed went below 25 going up the flyover ramp and more than 45 done the ramp)

may be @Ather.Team team should help me with the data

  1. make-use of Regen (which i like the most riding an ev)
    -this is where my disappointment is in the trip…
    as the regen is not strong (though i know it already) couldn’t make much…
    but most of the trip i started reducing the acceleration down the ramps to compensate
    also engaging the regen was not comfortable there is very less or should i say no room to twist the throttle reverse!!!
    i was under impression the more u twist the throttle reverse more the regen will be… but i should say i was disappointed with that aspect

rules are simple and no problem what so ever
i was adjusting mirror’s most of the time while going as there is nothing much to do for me as it is highway and everyone is cruising at higher speeds, so i started concentrating more on what is behind than looking ahead…

as this was the first time i am going to this place i am following voice instruction on Google maps via earphones… (as i wanted to make sure of the speed al the time and also unsure of the network coverage i didn’t opt to navigate via dashboard)

but somehow i missed the route in between

instead going straight i ended up going forward airport by the time i realize am almost at the terminal

1 is the point where i missed the flow
2 is the point where i took u turn and back in track from there

from here on my mobile is in my left hand al the time…

i was switching between Ather app(for battery charge left) and maps for route

now finally nearing 50%charge…

i was 10km away from the final destination which i guess is a ghat road… which require more torque - am sure battery will discharged rapidly…
again aggressive regen would have been a help while coming down which was not there yet…

headed back to home

where i was left with 5%charge… am guessing this is from regen…

there was a reduce in pickup from the time battery is in red … may be around 15-20% haven’t noticed exactly

anyway as per rule 2 i was still able to cruse at 30km
later which was limited to 25…

total trip 86km

now i was eager to check what it is like to ride up the ramp ay this charge
so i headed to area which is steep in angle and was able to go at a speed of 18km/hr up the ramp and 40km/hr down

later when i was close to my home it died and started warning me to charge battery to atleast 15%
3g connectivity is gone but dash board, light and indicators were working!!!

so the long story end hurrayy… tired already right…

i didn’t make any stop except while i took out my mobile when i list the route
at destiny to take pictures to share…
one last at a railway gate while returning (i let the train passby. :slight_smile: may be not…i had to)

now my plea, request, demand, insist, e.t.c to @Ather.Team (which ever works… ignore rest) in sequence

-please include battery %, consumption and temperature on the dashboard

-please consider bluetooth connectivity for future designs as network isn’t reliable al the time even in city(consider this… am approaching nandi hills where network was .X. most of the time and am not getting battery%real time and so have to further reduce my speed just to make sure i have enough juice ) cloud is nice only when we are wired

-Regen and hardware tuning for regen (throttle should have more room to twist reverse)
should have option on app to choose intensity. of regen

-There is absolutely no data available to use though lots of data sitting somewhere in the cloud… just in case want to review on a weekly basis

am not pointing the ones which were already on the forum but above ones will make a big difference…

stay positive


Deep discharges take away Battery life and is normal property of any rechargeable battery. It is better to avoid discharge above 70% to have a good battery life. Get habitual to charging every night at home even when charge is 80%


starting same trip now

but with speed between 40 and 45 Kmph


Hats off to you for doing this in the first week of your ownership, Abhishek, and sharing the details here on the forum.

Thanks for the inputs, we do have a long way to go before all the kinks are ironed out. The good part is, with the capability of over the air updates and a in-house team working on a lot of new features, we will be able to incorporate owners feedback in the vehicle as well as provide them with improvements over the course of their ownership.

As for your ride(s), please do keep us posted on them, they not only provide real world use case data to current and future owners, but also provide us with valuable insight into the way you use your vehicle. Which in turn helps us improve it further.

All the best for your ride today and do keep us posted on it. Ride safe!



same place

same route

battery% dipped from 50 to 47 all of a sudden on the app

probably network issue


finally reached home

haven’t reset the trip (didn’t turn off ignition at any point)

no stops except at destiny

last few mins with 1% charge

but network is a real issue both my mobile and Ather

body fatigue was less as cruising at decent speeds throughout the trip

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Hi Abhishek,

many thanks for your updates. I believe riding between 40-50 kmph is most efficient, this is what I have understood from the riding pattern screen in Atherspace. Did you reach the top of nandi hills :slight_smile:

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Where is the seat key

Commendable efforts mate, this gives so much more meaning to the “true range”


Hi Abhishek, Awesome test and thank you for spending time to share your review on forum for us.
So over all conculsion, is range prediction algorithm is the problem and needs to fixed to achieve true range if users maintains a decent speed?

Current mindset i have :
In December, Ather open house discussion team concluded to gather user data from more riders and told they may tune the range prediction algorithm and also planning to introduce super eco mode when battery range reaches 20% to achieve true range.

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There is one request mate, do post your experience driving in heavy peak hour stop gap traffic and the range and average speed you get, your thorough experiment would put a lot of people’s minds at ease regarding range


Hello Ather gang

second day trip is good

i was cruising at above 40kmph to 45knph all the time… also haven’t used regen (may be couple of times unintentionally)

forgot to take picture at the start

when realized i did

noticed there is lot of traffic today though i have started early
there are many rented scooter and loud bikes heading towards nandi hills today (not sure if there is some party up there today)

have made sense route today exactly like yesterday (even followed wrong route which i took yesterday)

after reaching there have took the pictures and headed back without turning the key off (because this will reset the trip which i didn’t want)

i would like to stress this… am unable to get real-time battery % due to network as i had problem with my mobile network today… while heading home
battery%was stuck@42%for quite a while until i checked internet connection by opening other apps…

so i had to restart my mobile and after few kms it was updated…
below are the screenshots of battery%

here was trying to be on the white line which was on the corner of the road
thinking this would reduce rolling resistance… which might help… may be am wrong but gave a try for atleast 8to10km later flyover have these lines to extreme corner… so couldn’t do any further

now back to battery%

later i recorded a video which have uploaded to youtube to share… there is no option to share videos on forum…

again lots of data via screenshots

it would have been great if @Ather.Team have provided access to data via app…

and juice up time…


later part post of the day my mom wanted to go to Iskon @ yeswanthpura…

so i took her there and found this road which i was excited to try

which i did and was smooth while climbing

now headed to yelhanka vegetable market

note: only for my trips am using eco otherwise am always on power mode which i enjoy in traffic by getting to a safe place on the road quickly

and at last

parking time

now at work with@10%battery
home 5km away
very easy for me


i know

but there is lots to explore and long way to go

am not waiting
am enjoying it


sure buddy

give me start point, end point on maps

as i am not aware much of banglore… most of the time i use to cycle around even to Ather experience center… before i got Ather450… so never went to al these places…

also mention time when do u want to start at start point
as am not aware of traffic peak points…
I’ll try to accommodate and update…


no i didn’t go i can see hill from below

about 10km away as per first trip map

also am thinking to buy charging cable and take my mom to the hill some day

please if someone have ever been there let me know if there are any electric plug points you have noticed which are easily reachable/accessible (have never been there)
will give test ride to people who allow me to charge on the hill…:sunglasses::star_struck::wink:

@Ather.Team. strong regen please… will help in down hill ride


all at one place where u insert key to unlock and ignite (or should i say -close the circuit)


I have not used the vehicle much hardly 75 km so far, my expected range displayed is 60 in eco mode, may be I need to use a bit more inorder to know the exact range I am going to get. I have two questions to the owners 1- how is the seating comfortablity? I feel little uncomfortable keep sliding down while braking. 2- the vehicle belt sound, there is a belt cranking sound when the vehicle starts moving.
Other one that I am happy with the vehicle.

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regarding seat-i cannot complain much… atleast me because am 6".2’ … even if i ride any other regular scooter ill have to sit on seat in an awkward place, so i cannot answer that question… but definitely i don’t have any complain

belt sound is there for all scooters but only at low speeds but when u r cruising at good speeds it shouldn’t be an issue
yes i would like it to be fixed by finding some engineering solution…(by Ather anyway)