Dashboard restarts when riding

yesterday night, my dashboard display suddenly went off and after 20-30 seconds, like a proper power on, it displayed the Ather logo followed by 450 and then the dashboard. During this entire process, the motor was on and scooter was on the move.

Did any one faced this kind of issue?

It’s normal. Just ignore and continue. If your motor stalls, then call up customer care and get it checked. Else, the dashboard restarting is normal.

Yes. .And it’s now becomes common

I faced it yesterday morning… Earlier it was quite frequent. But in last 5 weeks, this is only 2nd time.

I think I jinxed it. It happened again today evening. :slight_smile:

haha… It happened again for me as well.

Do report this either through the App or to Customer Service directly This strangely happened to me as well :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dashboard restarting is pretty common. Happens all the times. But last two days it has become very frequent. Almost 5-6 times. One time, yesterday, even motor stopped. I was able to pull the bike aside just in time.

Dashboard getting stuck is also seen recently. I have seen dashboard showing speed while stopped at the signal. I was able to take one picture.

I noticed this in the last 2-3 days too. I’ve had 3 incidents on the same day yesterday. The dashboard just stopped working. I had to hard reset.

I have observed it many times even while driving. Fortunately, it’s restarting automatically and no interruptions to driving. But what if it stops engine while it is restarting…? This is happening after the latest version installation.

I observed this problem from 1 week , And now facing M017 lower power mode problem

Hey @shreekanth_d, @Suraj_madhu, @vutukuri.ravikiran, @bharath5408,

Thanks for reporting on the dashboard restarting, I faced the same thing in the last couple of days as well and will flag it to the team internally. Meanwhile, please do report such issues first through the app or through customer support.


Reported to 24/7 service team and scooter taken to service and it’s under diagnosis.

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Hey folks, is this still happening? If you reached out to service regarding this, has it been resolved?

Tomorrow my vehicle is scheduled for a pickup for the same issue.