November '19 Deliveries: Bengaluru

28/11 update: Full payment open for order IDs upto 15683

Latest update:

Hey everyone!

In order to ensure that you get the most relevant and up-to-date information around your delivery, we are creating monthly threads. This thread will be for all queries and issues related to deliveries scheduled in November. We will be creating monthly threads, so you get the most up to date information.

  1. We’re on track for the deliveries scheduled in November. Please refer to the timelines shown in your dashboard.

  2. Update on Dot installation charges: waived off


Well, my delivery is scheduled for November too… when will payment window open for my ID No. 14492?

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Soon, in the next batch :slight_smile:

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Dear Abhishek: What is the present delivery schedule likewise for Chennaites plz!


Once the lease is approved, realistically, how long does it take:

  • for the Ather team to send their technicians for Dot installation?
  • for the registration process to start?
  • for the delivery of the vehicle?

Will share an update soon :slight_smile:

My order I’d is 15351 bangalore when can I expect payment to open

Hi All,

I booked Ather 450 on Oct 8h 2019. My expected delivery is in Jan- Feb (Bengaluru). Don’t worry moderators! This is not a query regarding status update. I just want to know how you guys deal with anxiety of sitting on order IDs for months. Can’t wait to get my hands on this beautiful machine!


Order ID : 14256
Completed the payment along with insurance
Special thanks to @abhishek.balaji for response and assuring timelines are on track
Excited to get vehicle asap :innocent:


I have done a pre-order on 6th Aug, and yet to receive an update from Ather on delivery.
Payment window is not opened until today.

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That is really bad
What Is ur order ID

The ather team will open it by friday or latest vy monday itseems.

Hi Vivek,

Please refer to this thread for the latest update. Your payment will be opened in the next batch.

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@abhishek.balaji thanks for sharing the link.
My order I’d is 14445 and it is saying scheduled for Oct-Nov.

Since it is now Nov and my number is not listed. will it be still in Nov?

Yep, we’re on track as of now.