New Ather Subscription plans - Connect & Service

They do give an option to change the plans.

Hey @abhishek.balaji there seems to be an issue with subscription. On Jan 11th I bought a service pro plan for a quarter.

But my dash says that my plan is expiring on March 10th I already got a service done. The payment was completed. But a few days ago it went back to pending for some reason :confused: I had an issue with my scooter and your team is also saying that I don’t have a service plan.

This has been fixed, looks like you had started off on quarterly, then tried to upgrade to annual, but changed back to quarterly later on. You were on an annual plan for some days, hence the amount due, this has been reset in your case. Should reflect correctly now.

Oh yes thank you

I was only attempting to check the price :sweat_smile:

So even if you’re not on a connect pack. Ather gets my ODO reading from my scooter to display it to me on the website under my account. I don’t even have to have a service plan and yet it’s right there.

You never did get back to me about this, been 4 months :sweat_smile:

Regarding this

Ather collects data even if Connect is not present. A few in the forum has reported this in various topics here.

Ya just wanna see where they offically stand on the matter :sweat_smile:

hey did they resolve it for you?

I am unable to subscribe to any ather subscription plans, I have been trying the same for past couple of months, Even called contacted customer care last jan, they told try in desktop browser, But nothing works.

, Contacting customer care from yesterday through phone, it goes on hold for more than 20 minutes, Well i am not sure what to do now. My service has been due for past one week as i had touched 10000 kms, Unable to subscribe to any new plans,

Never anticipated these kinds of website bugs from ather or is it the way to make customer pay on the go service.

Try raising a ticket via the app and explain your concerns and request a callback. It usually works for me.

I can confirm it as well. I did not have any subscription for 2-3 months. On Sunday, when renewed my subscription, I did not expect to see statistics for old rides. But, surprised to see all the rides.

Two possibilities:

  1. The data was there in the scooter. It pushed to cloud as soon as subscription became active. OR
  2. The data was pushed to cloud even when the subscription was inactive. But, started showing in the app once the subscription became active.

I am not sure which one is true.

I Can confirm that this is true.
Our scooters are connected and send data to the cloud, irrespective of the connect plan we are on. The connect plan only changes our access to the data.


Can Connect & Service have its own tenure?

Example - 1st April - I renew my Connect subscription. Let’s say, expecting to use a service, if I opt for Service subscription on 1st May, will both end on its own timeline (end of June for Connect and end of July for Service)?

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That is right. It’s 90 days from payment date.

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No use, I have sent a mail already 2 days back, I am getting same response from them stating 'Our team is looking into the issue, Please wait for 24 to 48 hours, which was the same response i got couple of months back, Not sure what’s happening, Is it happening only for me?.