Introducing the Ather Ride Log

Have you ridden the vehicle in those months you haven’t got it? It won’t be sent if you haven’t clocked any kms in a month.


Since Aug 15 I’ve ridden for almost everyday. Yet no ride log. Wait, do you need to be on a subscription to get the ride logs too? :no_mouth:

Yep, at least Ather Connect.

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But out of curiosity does ather still collect data from our rides? Even if we’re not on a connect plan? Since I’ve noticed that it indicates that my sim is active and connected.

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Since delivery on 12 May, 2020.

I’ll get back on this in a few days, have to get the details from the team.

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I guess yes.

Some data plan is also there hopefully even if you’re not opting for it.

That’s how they’re promising to give critical OTA updates maybe.

But let’s wait for them to confirm.

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From what I read in announcement is that critical updates will be loaded when we take our vehicle for service.

Hi, @abhishek.balaji

:rocket: Your Ather 450 Ride Log | July 2020 On August 14th (this is last i received Log)

Till date not receive any Log …

Hey folks

We’ll be sending out the ride logs together for August and September in about a week. We were making some upgrades to our systems, and hence the delay.


Dear @abhishek.balaji, I have took my Flight 2969 delivered on 28th of August 2020 and have ridden 3558 kilometers so far. But i have not got ride logs till now, also requested Customer Support Team to send the Ride log by Call & Email. Can you please check this for me & help out.

September and October ride logs haven’t been received by anybody. You’ve just coincidentally purchased at that time. They are working on setting aome background processes right.

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Wrong info. Many people have received and many have yet to receive e-mails for August and September. October month no one have received it yet

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Yes. You are right. Iam one among who haven’t received Aug and Sep ride log. Also I haven’t receive mail for Q3 reimbursement, but the money has transferred into my account.

Placed lot many requests to CC through mail and calls. Didnt resolved yet.

Still I haven’t got any update from Ather team, it’s been more than 12 days. If I call to CC they will that I will receive the details within 24 to 48 hours. But it’s more than 168 hours after my last call. I don’t understand what’s going on internally.

Hi @abhishek.balaji

I have not received the Ride logs of October and November month still. Many owners are not received October ride logs mail itself, any reason for delay in sending the reports as scheduled before 15th of every month??? This delay/missing of report is repeated as last Aug/Sep logs delay. Kindly looks into this and take necessary action please

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Same here, I have mailed several times regarding the ride log but there is no update.

I think probably the person generating and sending mail is having a personal issue or he/she resigned from the job. hopefully, Ather will appoint someone new and we can get it regularly.

That doesn’t seem like the right experience, will check on why this happened and get it resent.

Just in case if someone wondering that if I have raised this request or not.

Hello, Thanks for reaching out! One of our team members will reply to your email within 24 hours. The reference number for this thread for future reference is 96698 Thanks, Team Ather

Haven’t received ride logs for August, September, October, November. And reimbursement no. Of units mail for last quarter ending September. I have called and sent mails to CC. No update till now. Raised complaint in October. Please have a check