New Ather Subscription plans - Connect & Service

Ather subscriptions

The original Ather One plans were designed to offer a single payment that would make your ownership hassle free, but a lot of you wanted more flexibility in the plans. Based on feedback from our community, we have made the plans more flexible for you to choose from. The focus is to offer lower cost packs based on your need. Maybe you want to use navigation, but are not too keen on ride statistics, or you just want basic servicing to be covered. The new plans ensure you can choose what you want.

The plans can now be availed quarterly or annually, and have two versions - Lite and Pro.

Fast charging at Ather Grid points will be free for a few months, so we’re not making a pack for that available at this moment.

Ather Connect

Ather Connect enables connectivity and smart features on your Ather 450X and Ather 450 Plus. We’ve made Ather Connect even more affordable with Ather Connect Lite, which covers connectivity and smart features on-vehicle.

Ather Connect Pro offers advanced connectivity features such as ride statistics, remote monitoring of charge, location tracking, app connectivity and more.

Key Features Ather Connect Lite Ather Connect Pro
Onboard Navigation Yes Yes
Improvements to the Dashboard over-the-air Yes Yes
Ride Statistics on Ather App — Yes
Remote Location Tracking, Theft & Tow Detection — Yes
Remote Charge Monitoring — Yes
Push Location from Ather App — Yes
Pricing - Quarterly (excl GST) Pricing - Annual (excl GST)
Ather Connect Lite Rs. 400 Rs. 1500
Ather Connect Pro Rs. 700 Rs. 2400

Ather Service

Similar to the Ather Connect plans, we’re introducing Lite and Pro variants of the Ather Service plan.

Ather Service Lite: Offers predictability of costs for all your servicing needs

Ather Service Pro: Offers you convenience in addition to predictability.

Key Features Ather Service Lite Ather Service Pro
Scheduled Maintenance Yes Yes
Labour & consumables covered for any issue* Yes Yes
Charge run out/Puncture assistance Yes Yes
Roadside Assistance Yes Yes
Doorstep Service/Pick-up & drop — Yes
Pricing - Quarterly (excl GST) Pricing - Annual (excl GST)
Ather Service Lite Rs. 800 Rs. 2400
Ather Service Pro Rs. 1100 Rs. 3600

You can also avail service on a pay-as-you go model. The price list for this would be made available closer to deliveries.


Are these new subscription plan applicable only for 450X and 450 plus ??

What about 450 ??

Applies to all of the 450 line up.

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Hey @abhishek.balaji I think I might have missed this, but when will these plans be available? Waiting to renew.

I need sincere suggestions from Ather owners if subscription plans real worth of money. Because as per my view you cant be a complete owner unless u r free from these kind of money mint subscriptions.

  1. Why cant the Ather handle software upgrades when vehicle comes for service.
  2. Why cant Navigation be pushed from mobile devices to dashboard via bluetooth for free of cost
  3. Why do the company wants to know the ride statistics… is it not a threat to your privacy.

To cover above all points…why the company is not selling the vehicle without sim card or why cant be it optional.

I think we have to wait more time for nice players in the EV market to curb monopoly.

Thanks in advance


They can and they have never said no to it till date.

Screen mirroring is not an effective option. Rather buy a mobile holder and stick you phone on it

If you are on the internet, you’ve already lost your privacy. The ride stats are for the user to understand their driving patterns. If you do not want any connectivity, you are free to not take any subscriptions!.

Perspectives are different. I believe vehicles must have a connected component. The more data one can gather, the more improvements one can do. It’s a cycle of continuous improvement and for that to work you need data!. Evidence Based Practice.


And yet, ather isn’t very clear about their data collection on scooters not on a plan. Hey @abhishek.balaji any update on when we can get the new service and connect plans ?


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Hey @abhishek.balaji sorry to bother you again with this. But when will we be able to buy these plans for our 450??

I received an email close to my renewal date stating 2nd or 3rd week of November. When I called the CS the person said he had not been updated on this and according to him, they will be available from 3rd week of December!? There seems to be lack of clarity with the dates and I guess it will be available “soon”. :upside_down_face:

450X is on the road. Shouldn’t the new plans be available by now?

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They’ll be available to subscribe roughly by the end of the month.

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What will be the cost of service if one opts for pay-as-you-go model? Is the pricelist available?

Here you go

It’s located here


Repair Labour charges 450/hr :open_mouth: :open_mouth: I think that’s way too much


what about the ather grid plan subscription? How much would that cost to the user?

That plan has been discontinued for now as the grid is free to use for the next few months.

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Up to March 31st 2021 grid is free

How much time after you subscribe to Connect Lite or Connect Pro does it reflect on dashboard?