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Soft boot seems to have helped. Thanks. Just wondering why a shutdown didn’t.

This still seems to be an issue. Hope the OTA makes it better.

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Hi my ather 450x is not syncing since last two days is it same for every one ?

Soft reboot dashboard… both breaks + start button (hold for few seconds)

It works for a few hours and again the same issue pops up. Restart is fixing it temporarily. Is it expected to restart in every few hours?

Not required to reboot multiple times. Could be network issues. Give it a time and refresh your app… it will get updated… there are glitches for sure… not a smooth experience!

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Yes. Lot of glitches. Basic connection to the scooter is not happening. I have tried logging off and logging in to the app multiple times. It doesn’t seem to work. Will try restarting the scooter later tonight. If it fixes then it is a bigger issue. Randomly the app chooses to disconnect from scooter and doesn’t connect back. This will have an impact on the theft detection, charge notification, live location of the bike, etc…

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Does it sync when you turn on the scooter or when you’re riding? If so, it’s not an issue. When your scooter is not used for a prolonged duration, the dashboard goes to sleep and sync is delayed. The moment you turn the key on, the app syncs back up. In case of charging notifications the dashboard will be woken up when charging is complete to give you that notification, and an alert in case of theft and tow detection.

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That’s clearly not the issue here. I have not used the vehicle for less than 6 hours and it stopped sync. It doesn’t sync when I turn the scooter on. It only synced after a restart.

Even when the dash is on, it doesn’t sync. So this is a clear issue for notification, maps and theft detection if this continues. I have reported this again yesterday. It would be helpful if a resolution can be found.

@abhishek.balaji here is the proof that it doesn’t sync when the dash is on.

I posted this right after the Chennai Owners Group Ride. It says sync happened 6 days ago.

Have reported again. 100268 is the issue number.

And I got the below response.

The couple of weeks seem to be the new “soon”!!


Does mobile app shows , motor status? On or Off? Because my series 1 started automatically in my parking… If I was unable to hear the starting sound… My scooter is risky when parked publicly… Issued concern to customers service…


I have the same issues

Restart the scooter and it connects for a while. May be if we restart 4-5 times for this issue, it gets fixed by itself. Ather doesn’t have any solution as of now for this issue. It is only the workaround that we will have to live with.

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Not able to open the APP from last few days, One plus 8 pro user with Andriod 11 here. Anyone else facing this issue?

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Not able to open the app from samsung S10 lite OS versrion 11. Please look into this. Seems to be the app is not upgraded to the OS Version. For the first time I’m disappointed with Ather, after paying quite an amount of subscription we are facing issues.

Not sure if it’s something to do with Android 11 as I’m able to open it and it’s in fact much faster than before. Mine is a Note20Ultra with Android 11. Must be something else. That said, not everything is working fine. My issue is that all ride stats are not syncing…some random ride stats appear once in a while

Hey folks, it’s a known issue and the team is working on a fix. Doesnt seem to affect all Android 11 devices - some Samsung devices, pixel etc seem to open the app just fine.

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Happy to inform that this issue has been fixed from an update released today.

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Work fine OnePlus 8 android 11…

Weird issue with the app. I opened one of the photos from ather forum inside the app. And it took me to the Google photos app. To go back to ather forum if I press the back button the ather app closes. If I go back again inside the app and select the forum tab it shows the Google photos. How do I go to ather forum inside the app from Google photos now?

Kill the app from background completely and open the app this will fix it. This is a known issue since a longtime so nothing to worry

:man_facepalming: No not again!!:roll_eyes: :grimacing: