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@feedback I am using the app for 2 months. Got vehicle 45 days before. But I missed this profile page link!

  1. Profile green text - I never thought it is link or button.
  2. Please move it next to other links/buttons as shown in the screenshot.

Whenever I use the dashboard maps home or work it asked me to set the location from app.

In the app map tab there is no such an option. I assumed that feature yet to come. But it was inside the profile section. Either move it from profile section to map tab or just put a link in maps tab. So that it will placed in the related section.


(450 v1)

Is it just me or is everyone else having the same issue too?

Whenever I charge, at any point, the app shows the charging status 7-15 minutes late. It’s never real time. Not sure if this is something with the app or the network itself.

It’s never been an issue until recently when I’ve been getting C014 errors and I find out half an hour later that it’s not charging :man_facepalming:t2:

The app shows a 450x image but I’m a 450 owner

@abhishek.balaji @hemanth.anand what do you think?

Probably Ather Energy is gifting you a 450X…

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And did you observe the Bluetooth symbol in the profile tab?

In fact I had given these two points along with others in my feedback in the early access program. While some others have been corrected, These two haven’t been changed in the released version.

While these two can be ignored, this version shows only 10 rides while the older version showed a continuous list. This is a downgrade from that perspective. I’m told that it’ll be made available again in the next update.


Is it only me who couldn’t see the 450x? It shows my 450 only and the white varient doesn’t have any visual changes right for 450 and 450x? You meant to say that the entire new app layout itself is only for the 450+ and x owners? I also have the Bluetooth and subscription tab inside the app.

The information about time and percentage of charge during charging as shown in the picture was quite useful. It’s still available for iOS but removed from Android.

This should be resorted.


Yes it’s only you :slightly_smiling_face:

The headlight surround is black in 450x and it’s white in 450

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Have a S1 bike, yet this shows a different color. Not sure why such simple things can’t be fixed. Anyone facing the same issue and managed to get it fixed?

Try updating your app. Recently ather pushed an update to app. It is a complete app overhaul. It might change after the update.

Yes a backend fix will sort it out. Raise a ticket via the app.

He seems to be on iOS… They haven’t got the update yet.


Can you check if it’s fixed now?

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Done. Thanks Abhishek for the support and quick fix


Few bugs I noticed in v4.0.7, Android/10

  1. Once a while the forum goes to the login screen and redirects to the dashboard page. My best guess is this happens occasionally after opening external links and switching away from the app

  2. I uploaded 3 sets of license copies to the scooter. Now on opening documents page, the app freezes for 5-10 minutes and data download speeds hit 500kb to 1mb. The page would load after this, but it will still freeze after every interaction.

Hi @abhishek.balaji Having 450 and 450x S1

But in app shows picture is .

  1. Not owning the vehicle but being able to access the app features.
  2. Feeling happy to be finally able to access the forum from inside the app. Want to suggest 2 improvements:
    • Unable to upload files in the forum from the in-app forum.
    • Forum was not auto-logged in with email with which I logged in to the main app. I had to login separately. Social logins of the forum are not working in-app.