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@Ather.Team when is the update for mobile app expected (Android, iOS).
Looking forward to experience the Ride History!.


Oh sweet! Did not know this was a category on the forums. I’m going to use this to point out some things that are IMHO quite broken on the app; I’m using it on a Pixel 3:

  1. The typeface used in the app has not been hinted properly for mobile screens and causes the text to be rendered…strangely. A better typeface is needed, or maybe the defaults on Android/iOS.
  2. The app takes some time to connect to the vehicle and retrieve information on charge and location; however, till the data is fetched, the vehicle shows up as 0% charged and the location shows up somewhere in the middle of Lalbagh! Some people elsewhere in the forum have pointed out how they got quite a fright by the wrong location. A quick fix for this would be to just show a message to user – something along the lines of “Connecting to your Ather…”.

iPhone users: how has your experience been?


I think many have faced this and got used to waiting for the data to show up. :slight_smile:

Under internal testing :slight_smile:

You will get it soon. Can’t give a clarity on exact timeline yet.

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  1. Can you please share a screenshot here/on DM, so I can send it to the SW team for improvement?
  2. You are right about why this happens and the fix for it as suggested by you will do the trick. Our team is on it and this should be resolved either in the next update or the one after that.

I would love to have a notification/ reminder that can be set on app to be notified when scooter has reached certain charge say 80% or 100% during charging process.


Hey Sangeeta,

We are working on building a push notification capability into the app. Once that is done, all these possibilities get unlocked. Should be there in a couple of months.

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Thanks for the update Shreyas

Dark Mode coming in the update after next!.

This is weird. My wife’s OnePlus 6 running Android 9 has the Ride Statistics options in the profile page, but my OnePlus 6t running the same Android 9 does not have it!

Is the ride statistics not showing up for anyone else?

Wife’s OnePlus 6

My OnePlus 6t

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Updated app for Android 7 OS is showing ride statistics. Mobile is Moto G4play.

Am I seeing this right. You have more range predicted on Sports mode than Ride mode!

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ummm… is the app version the same?
Settings > “and the number below Ather logo”

Seeing one more issue with the app. Right at this moment my home point is RED, but app shows its Fast Charging!

there’s an update for Android. the latest version is v2.6.38

the app crashed 2 times when seeing the ride statistics. (thanks for the Ride Statistics though! :slight_smile: )

and here are couple discrepancies:

  1. Ride and Sport showing the same range!.

  2. Notice that app home page shows as per the fixed formulae :wink:


this is clearly because of the version changes.
See the odometer shown in your mobile and not in the other.

Update your app and then you can see Ride Statistics!

Spot on. I ride in sport mode.

Fixed!. For some reason Play Store did not show the update option. I had to reinstall the app to get the new version.


Ride statistics not getting up dsted.Data is still on 11th April. Pl review.
place review

Ride statistics is broken!

I get this in my app now :expressionless: