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Boss you are asking emergency calls to be attended by Ather. What a pity on all the community who brought the Ather.

There are scratches all over my hands and deep cuts on my fingers happened during cleaning my Ather 450X. Almost 90% of the vehicle has sharp edges, even plastic trims.


This is true. Especially when cleaning rear end.


Is the pickup and drop service for service/repair stopped in Hyderabad due to COVID? @abhishek.balaji

No it still functions as usual.

I raised complaint on the app regarding the issue. The customer support said pickup and drop service is currently on pause due to COVID.

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Ok. So something just came up for the first time, I don’t know if it’s the belt or something to do with the fan.

Horrible noise when I accelerate, as if everything is breaking down inside. I haven’t actually washed my Ather for a while, so I’m guessing it’s dirt. Please help.

Hello all, @rajeshkav I guess i am bit late to find this thread. So i though of sharing my experience.I am facing the shutdown issue after almost 3 years of usage. I first faced the issue in September when is shutdown my vehicle when charge was at 90%. Ather service engineer replied that shut down was recommended only below 60%. Again, i was not using my 450 for more than 5 days, so shutdown my vehicle at 35% battery remaining. The vehicle was again taken back to service center and they reply was that it is a software update issue. They confirmed that thy have updated the software, but again today when i tested shutting down at 40%, vehicle is not waking up. Really frustrating issue. i was never informed that this is a rare issue, but it seems like not a rare issue. Thanks everyone for sharing the issue. I hope Ather will solve the issue.

Sorry to see your experience. Is your vehicle still under warranty? If yes, please flag and get it fixed. I am the first few customer who experienced this problem, however Ather fixed this issue by changing a resistor in Battery Management Module. Since then I am shutting down even at high SoC and till today (it is almost 1.5 years after component replacement) I am good.


Thanks for the info.Yes my vehicle is 8n warranty. Actually they took for service when I flagged this. What service engineer told me is that it is software update issue. In order to check whether they resolved it or not I shutdown my vehicle on Thursday and I see that it is not yet solved. Booked a service. hoping for the best


how difficult is to trigger an automated email/SMS when the service schedule is booked. if not feasible may be a Ticker Notification on the app or the website should help.


I am very upset with Ather company service. My Ather scootar 450x on 14 October 2021 to service center…

Only one way to me going to customer court


I also facing C014 Error Code. As per Customer support they point me that issue is with charging unit mounted on wall and ask me to get it for repair. As i read message on forum issue is with charging fan on vehicle is it right? pl share more detail before i can reach ather for repair.


I guess ur’s is gen 1 yes this appears when one of the those 2 fans (1 heatsink and 1 blower) for charger stops spinning

this fans run only on AC charging

if you have gen2 charger (DC) you can charge the vehicle (as this doesn’t require on-board charger)


Dear all,

I want to bring to your notice about the poor vehicle you have manufactured in the name of ATHER 450. I, Prasanna Bala, want to officially make a complaint regarding my issue with your vehicle.

Name: Prasanna Bala Registered mobile no: 9940063943

I had given my Ather 450 several times for service with absolutely no resolve. I was riding my vehicle on the flyover in heavy moving traffic at 60km/hr and the vehicle mysteriously stopped on its own. This happened several more times even after your incomplete “service”. Why would you return a vehicle without even figuring out what the problem really is?

I also heard from friends that their Ather 450 has similar issues. I don’t wish to risk my life because of your manufacturing defect. I also heard that a couple of these old vehicles are being picked up for accelaration and lock set issues, but not one soul from your “esteemed” company has contacted me regarding the same.

Above all this, my 65 year old father rides this vehicle. My 60 year old mother uses it too for short distances. My Ather 450 stopped on the flyover MIDWAY without ANY warning but I could manage it this time somehow due to my age/ability to respond quick. But I’m not sure if my aged parents can. I don’t wish to put my parents life at risk owning to your manufacturing defect. How can a vehicle stop midway?

I was one of the first few customers in Chennai to have placed an order for this vehicle. I’m scared of your vehicle. Ather is fancy but not worth giving your life away.

If I were running a company, I would probably be ashamed that my customers are “afraid” of using my invention. I don’t wish to get on to the same bike because clearly you haven’t yourself figured out why it switches off automatically.


Now, what u done ur scooter. I mean further action ?!

Sad to read to your experience. As a fellow Ather owner, I can completely understand your situation. I’d be furious if something like this happened to my vehicle.

If you’re saying that this post is your official complaint, then unfortunately you’re in the wrong place. The forum is just a place where you can share your experience with others. I hope you’ve raised a complaint to the CS number and also an email to Ather.

When they returned the vehicle to you, what did they say the issue was?


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Today I gave my 450 for 15k general service. Today Chennai was under red alert but ather service team very picked and dropped after service even though continue raing. Few parts changed under warranty. Overall very good service. Kudos to Chennai ather service team. I hope this will continue future also.


Hi. I’m facing front wheel sound from last 20 days, While initial raiding at low speed it will not come, once I reached 50 means it starts sound, when I realized the throttle it make more sound