Maintenance and Service

There’s a whole bunch of us using Athers across the city. I’m touching 350 km in just two weeks of usage, and I’ve seen others cross 1000! This means we’re going to soon see maintenance discussions and service-related questions pop up, so let’s keep all those in here.


While I’m at it, I remember being told when the first service is due but have now forgotten. When is it again?

I don’t remember being told anything about a first service like in an ICE vehicle. but then, there is hardly anything that needs to be serviced… no engine oils, greasing, chains, spark plugs etc…


Vehicle regular service is at every 5000kms. Every second service will be done at their service centres (Of course with pick-up and drop facility).

One more reason why centre stand is important!!
My scooter suffered a nail hit yesterday and I noticed it at my home. Usually I get the puncture fellow to come home and he takes the wheel and fixes it. Or sometimes I remove and take the wheel and get it fixed myself. Without the centre stand, this is not possible. I had to take the scooter till his shop. Then I had to bend the scooter on the side stand while he checked and fixed the puncture (bending was to help him in rotating the wheels). This is unnecessary load on the side stand. Not every puncture guy will have a paddock stand.


Hi I’m Zac and I just got my scooter 10days ago. Just wanted to update here how effective and efficient their service support is. I happened to find a lose alen-key bolt hanging in between the ferring n body paneling. All I did was call up the helpline and make them aware of the problem. Within 2 hrs they were here at my place without even calling me to check multiple times like most people do when trying to locate your address. The came stared their work opening up the panels and identified the missing slot and retorqued the bolt n done in a matter of 30min. I’ve never seen such simple n effective service from even top brands or automobile Manufacturers.

Kudos to you guys at ATHER service. May your tribe grow and please keep up the good work.



Ather team,

Couple of questions

  1. What is the air pressure which we should maintain in both wheels of the scooter. I know for conventional scooter which i use to ride i use to maintain 26 PSI for front and 36 PSI for rear. Does it hold good for Ather also?
  2. I found a two small scratches on my front bumper. Can this be removed by any chance if i visit your service center.

refer this for the tyre pressure.

I’ve had 2 service calls till date. Here is what I liked and what I’d like to see improve

  • Talking to real people on the phone to log a service request.
  • Service team being able to pull in someone with the technical know-how when I wasn’t able to explain the issue clearly.
  • Very prompt response to questions and callbacks when they had to check stuff on their side (Parts availability, etc…)
  • Well mannered and cheerful field service staff. They came out in the scorching sun just to check my brakes.

What I’d like to see improve

  • Give me a service request number. (SMS/Email)
  • Let me track the requests online - current and past
  • Let me read the notes and diagnosis on those requests.
  • Let the staff use a phone/tablet instead of the blue colored job card. If it’s a legal requirement to get customer signature - let us esign those job cards.

Hey Raghav,

Thanks for the feedback. This helps us know what’s working and what can be improved further.

For the things you have requested, all of them are things we want to implement or improve upon and are already in works.

It’s just a matter of time before that happens :slight_smile:


My brakes feel very spongy and almost like a drum brake. When I peeked into the reservoir window I couldn’t see any indication of fluid present in the reservoir at all!

Has anyone checked this on their bikes? Any advice from petrol heads on how often to check this since it’s kind off hidden underneath the front dash.


Kindly get it checked from the service team of ather at the earliest as brake fluid reservoir has a minimum and maximum mark demarcated clearly and also have your brake pads checked once as they tend to wear a little early if the brake fluid is missing or is not optimum!

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Brake fluid needs minimal top up .
If there is dip below min level on the indicator we can just add a d0t3 or dot4 fluid.

Brake fluid does not require top up very frequently. For a brand new bike like yours, this should not usually happen. Spongy brakes could mean air bubbles in the fluid, but this usually happen only if it’s bled incorrectly, again this should not happen to your bike. I would suggest you get this checked out by the service team immediately.

Service team checked it today at my workplace and signed off that it was working as expected. Maybe I just wasn’t used to disc brakes coming from an Activa- so once I got used to the disc brakes it feels normal now!

To the question of fluid, the tech was categorical in stating that if there no fluid my brakes wouldn’t work at all and there are no signs of a leak anywhere.

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may be this is known

send a mail

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Please don’t make such comments. No one has had such bad experiences. They always pick calls. Due to mass delivery they might be busy.


As a customer I spoke not as an unfortunate buyer.
Good day

I suggest that you email them and ask for a call back. Lately have been noticing issues with getting connected to the customer care. Or you could tweet them too.

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What’s wrong bro?

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