Service manual for 450 and 450x

The vehicle user manual (or the Quick start guide) which is available on the app (which was also given during the vehicle delivery for sometime) gets redundant with frequent updates especially the firmware updates. Of course the one on the app can be updated as and when things change. But we request Ather to provide an user level service manual for the scooter which includes all of (but not limited to) the following:

  • Troubleshooting guide.
  • Mechanical things of the vehicle.
  • Minor adjustment instructions.

@abhishek.balaji Could you guys work on this video a bit more ?

The mirror moves in 3 axes and a friend of mine got his ather recently and he’s a bit lost and I was searching for the video I had watched a long time ago. And the athers own video doesn’t show us how to set the mirrors right. Also if anyone has a video of setting the mirror in all 3 axes. Do share. Edit : found it


I was visiting Delivery pop up at IBC today to collect HSRP and noticed that the quick start guide for 450X is out! Demanded a copy for myself and took one!

I couldn’t get to go through it completely as I was on tight schedule to cover about 4 govt offices on my activa over 205+ kms I rode today on pretext of collecting HSRP!

Will post more details when I get a chance to go through it!


I received this too with my vehicle delivery on 23/12/2020 (Series 1)… I assumed its given to everyone ! Another memorabilia to add to my collection. :smile:

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Any ideas as how to get this for those who didn’t receive it during their delivery ?

But few of us who got delivery until early December didn’t get this!

You can pick them up from the Experience Center in Bengaluru. We’ll make them available for all owners, more details on this soon.

None of the Mumbai buyers have received this I guess. Any provisions being made in this regard @abhishek.balaji

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I believe none of Chennai folks also have received

No. Even I didn’t receive ( from Chennai)…