Introducing Series 1 - the Ather 450X Collector's edition

Meanwhile, where are these off to? :thinking:


To Hyderabad :love_you_gesture:t2:

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Kochi Kochi Kochi!

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Bangalore :wink::wink:

Hyderabad and Ahmedabad and maybe pune.

Better come to Mumbai, or else we Mumbaikars are gonna steal a truck! :smirk:


The faster and furious!. Would make an absolute cracker of an advertisement!


I’m in! Calling Vin Diesal right now! :telephone_receiver: :wink:

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you mean Vin Electric? :joy:


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Don’t worry… All are for Bangalore only !!!

But very few quantity

I think there are 12 ather 450x ev it is not sufficient

Almost equal to 1 days worth of deliveries in chennai

When will the payment window open for pune?

Grids are up this means next city deliveries will be in Pune. Wait for few days deliveries will start and you will get email that your payment window is open based on the order id


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A post was merged into an existing topic: Order Swapping

I have a Series 1 open for payment and I’m ready to give it up. Interested people can leave their contact info @

@abhishek.balaji it’s very unfortunate that you are not following any order number sequence, why the hell should I await any longer when later orders are getting fulfilled. I am just getting an itch to cancel my order and continue to use my old buddy bullet 500.


Is this feature available on 450X now???