Introducing Series 1 - the Ather 450X Collector's edition

It’s finally here! Introducing the Ather 450X Series 1.

Back in January, a whole bunch of you pre-ordered the 450X without even knowing anything about it. For our super enthusiasts, we promised to design a special edition of the Ather 450X.

Something that’s not just distinct, but one that you can show off without trying. Because it’s not just any other scooter, so why should it look like one?

Like everything we do at Ather Energy, the design of the Series 1, had to be clean, understated, and purposeful. Read on to find out more about our take on “Inside out”, and the design of the Collector’s edition.

Enter Ather 450X Series 1

The Ather 450X Series 1 is our ode to the first 450X owners, the early adopters, the catalysts of change. We wanted to design a vehicle that looks just as bold inside and out.

Series 1 has a new premium color & finish and tells a whole new story. This is a vehicle built to denote the performance and simplicity of EVs.

So what’s special about Series 1?

High-gloss, metallic, black body

Series 1 comes with a high-gloss metallic black body color, which reflects the environment around. The mirror sheen is made even more special by a mix of gold, silver, and blue flecks in the paint, casting warm highlights and cool shadows along the panel contours.

The Series 1 comes in Red, inspired directly from motorsports, yet staying true to Ather’s clean design approach.

Racing stripe

We don’t have typical racing stripes but give a nod to them with a single bold red stroke across the front fairing. The strip travels across many surfaces, reminiscent of Ather’s distinctive branding seen on all variants of the Ather 450X.

This stripe has the 450X name at one end and the Series 1 name at the other. The sheer length of this tag ensures that it’s visible even from a distance.

Exposed frame & wheel rims

Series 1 also comes with a red exposed frame and a red mono-shock. The wheel rims have a sporty red decal. Even this differs from the regular 450X, by being a minimal accent with a lot of movement built-in by design.

Translucent panels

Finally where the “Inside out” theme comes out really well. By augmenting the spirit of the 450X, this is our take on “Inside out”. Something that is meaningful to us and to you. There is a certain honesty associated with allowing anyone to peek under the hood. We were inspired by this design direction which is noticeable in premium products from the tech world. Some of the world’s most iconic computers, gaming controllers, and cassette players have been designed with transparent casings to celebrate the hardware inside.

With the transparent panel, you get more chances to admire the engineering around the distinctive skeletal trellis frame. It wraps around the components of the vehicle with utmost precision. This comes out through the tinted transparent panel - our way of celebrating all the tech and engineering that’s underneath the Ather 450X.

The translucent panels are made with automotive-grade plastic that offers structural integrity, which is a complicated task and not easy to come by.

(You shouldn’t chuck a metal ball at it to test it, but it’s pretty strong and durable)

Custom UI

Oh, that’s not all, for all those who own the Collector’s edition, we’ll have a custom UI on the dashboard, that reflects the design of the Series 1.

It’s going to be worth the wait

Despite the challenges around the present conditions and the new engineering challenges we took on, we didn’t want to make any compromises on the novelty of the design.

Series 1 is our most special vehicle for you. Even if it means waiting for a few months while the panels become available. We didn’t want to take away the joy of owning the Ather 450X until that time. So we decided to deliver the scooter with the black panels first, and then replace it with the translucent panels in a few months. It’s going to be worth the wait, we promise.

Don’t take our word for it, Series 1 will be available to see in person at our Experience Centers in Chennai and Bangalore in a few days, and other cities in the coming weeks.

We know you have questions, drop them below and we’ll answer them!


If you want to watch the unveil again, in high quality!


Love the Tesla Cybertruck Fail reference! :joy:


Black Red! Cant wait anymore. I am saving up for November. I am already drooling at the image!! Hope I get it by November.


When will you be posting the pricing details?

@abhishek.balaji - Did Ravneet mention that the launch (initially) will only have the upfront payment option or the regular EMI/Lease? Are we not going to get the Battery Subscription option in November?


Yes that is what I heard. They want to rework on the subscription and also with better communication. So, until then you are with regular payment options (Loan, Lease and Full Upfront)

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@abhishek.balaji I want to know the upgrade option from my Ather 450 to My collectors edition. When the payment window opens, will I be given the upgrade option to choose?


So, how will it help the initial buyers when a subscription option is announced later? They would have already paid for it. Which means the edge on being worry free on battery that comes with the subscription option is not anymore available for the initial buyers?


I also have the same question @abhishek.balaji Please clear the air with more details in the forum

So what is understand from the launch, people who are eligible will get the vehicle with black glossy finish panels but not the translucent one and they will get this as a free upgrade somewhere in march 2021.

If above statement is true, this also covers the wear and tear. I mean if I get the delivery in November, in March when you do the upgrade so that will be the panels replaced no questions asked, in case of any scratches, wear and tear, etc.


suppose i bought series 1 via subscription mode that is by paying amount without owning the battery, now for how long do i have to pay those monthlies until i own the battery?

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I think its May* if i’m not wrong

Also what about the performance tires? Scenario 1- If you buy now, which you have to as window for series 1 is limited, then you will have to take delivery with standard tires, and upgrade will be full price of performance tires.

Scenario 2 - You can’t buy series 1 after March 2021. So, you pay full amount for performance tires, cause you already would have used standard one. But, normal 450X version owners may get option to pay difference amount between standard & performance tires

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Yah It is May 2021. So definitely there will be a good amount for wear and tear considering high gloss finish panels

If you’re planning only about a thousand Series 1 Collector editions, does that mean that not all who pre-ordered would get one?

  1. It would have been a complete package if the front panels also were translucent,But Anyway its worth the you Ather

  2. will it have the same price tag same as 450x…?

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The CE is for those who preordered before Jan 28th only (prior to official launch). And they said a few thousand of them, so yeah - its limited numbers.

Zoom is not working properly. so many issues unable connect through browser. Later on installed Zoom app which is very slow so many disconnection. I am unable to put query. Very bad experience…

I have the same question too @abhishek.balaji. I think Tarun mentioned that the new plan will be operational about a month after sales commence. Please confirm timelines?