Introducing our revamped product offerings | The Ather 450X and Pro Pack

I still don’t see any update on Ather connect in my subscription section, i have raised a ticket and there a trailing mail going as well, but no proper response

has anyone here purchased the base 450x yet?

please share the hardware differences (if any) between the Pro and non-Pro pack.

how does the extremely slow charger look like?

what does drive mode switch do, since there are no Eco/Ride/Warp modes

is the controller same or different?

has anyone tested the ‘TrueRange’?


oh that’s smaller than my 250watt laptop charger lol!


That is gen 1 portable charger :joy: and pic is from @hemanth.anand from his post Portable charger - #160 by hemanth.anand


oh damn thanks for clearing you are real OG,have you seen the 250w charger?


Ather is yet to import them I think, even EC here don’t have stock


We’re here to assist you, Sandeep. Please help us with your registered contact number and vehicle details via inbox in order for us to get this checked for you.


i have shared you my contact number, expecting a quick response, ticket response, mail replies have gone bonkers.

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there is no concrete update on Ather connect subscription, there is a trailing mail going on, every reply takes a week & none of them given proper information, ticket is pending from ages, need proper information.


Till June 30, 2023 it is free for everyone and according to Pro pack users, for them connect Pro will be available 3 years on Date of purchase. There’s no update anywhere now because it’s free till June 30.


hope its get updated post june 30th


The Dashboard still needs improvement. Although it shows DTE range but that should be intuitive instead of being steady. Like for eg, I get a range of 100 km even in sport mode as per my driving style so ideally my range on the scooter dashboard should show as 100 and not 75…


Yes, it could be dynamic.

I think TVS does that, though their range prediction isn’t accurate.

But not a deal breaker, we know how much we can squeeze out of the battery. And maybe static one is better as many people still don’t understand how EVs or the modes work.

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Agreed… We should have the option to update as and when we have spare time to do so


Hello Ather, I buyed the vehicle on 7th April and now on 2rd September it has got damaged due to the wheel mounted belt has got damaged… The Ather also donot give proper service they delay for 10 days and also donot respond on time… I have rided the vehicle only 3000km and in rainy season the mud from the road is directly spreads to the person’s back who is sitting on the back side of the vehicle…These was not expected for the Ather … When the belt was damaged, I bought the vehicle from 5km to 6km pushing it by my self and there was no response from the Ather company, also the people around me were asking what happened, it means the reputation of the Ather company is getting damaged these is not very good​:sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat: In start I thought of buying one more Ather , but now I will not do the same mistake again … TVS IQ , OLA , BAJAJ is more more better than Ather… Also improve your service

Just finished reading the entire thread. Here’s what I have to say.

  • Many are saying that Ather reduced prices. Many YouTube video’s too. When I inquired over a year ago, it was around 1.6 Lakhs for the 450X before state subsidy. Now the price is around 1.8 Lakhs. Can someone explain how does this amount to a price reduction.
  • Many are ranting on this thread that Ather should compensate them for some reason or the other. The will not do it and I don’t see why they should do it. You bought the scooter at the price they were selling at that time with the features available then. Guys who bought later got a better deal. Bad luck. Suppose Ather had increased prices significantly and reduced many features 2 day after you bought, would you be willing to compensate Ather for that by paying the extra amount?
  • Paying for Charging and Connectivity is justified. Electricity costs money and so does 4G Data. They gave it free for some time. They never said it would be lifetime free. In any case, the amount they are charging is far less than the money we are saving on petrol.

That said, I still feel that Ather could have done some things better.

  • Allow existing users to upgrade their battery warranty from 3 years unlimited Km to 5 years 60K Kms. For a charge of course. We do not mind paying.
  • Ather now effectively has 6 models. 450S 2.9 KW, 450X 2.9 KW, 450X 3.7 KW and the same 3 models with the Pro Pack. What they could have had was 4 models. 450 S without Pro Pack and 450X with the Pro Pack as standard. Both these models with an option of either 2.9 KW or 3.7 KW battery packs. There are many users who need a basic scooter with good range and many who want all features but they daily usage is low.
  • Ather show allow existing users to upgrade to features of the latest bike for a cost if it is just software enabled. We are not asking for it free. But give us the option to pay and get the features.
  • Hire a competent team to fix the software issues.
  • Improve service and sales experience. Train the staff. Most of the sales and service staff are totally confused and end up misguiding the customers.
  • Do not keep making small changes frequently to the features, plans and pricing. Limit all changes to once a year.
  • Finally, the basic design of the scooter hasn’t changed since the original launch. It’s about time a totally new body style is launched.

people get confused about reduced prices due to youtubers clickbaiting of price reduction based on exshowroom value,they don’t mention subsidies at all which are state based or reduced to nothing or only mention delhi price where Ather is always cheaper.

talking about upgrade program I haven’t heard it ever going through (or atleast out of south states) as I heard due to reduction in subsidies Ather wasn’t able to offer fair price.


I just purchased the bike 2 months back but i got only 1 year of Ather connect why is that so Why was i discriminated from this

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I purchased the scooter with pro pack 2 months and i still didnt get i got only 1 yr instead of 3yr

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